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I know I know… you’re probably wondering why I titled this “Covid-19 Elopement”? It’s not because this couple is infected, but rather… this couple had a vision… and a will to make it happen.

Last week Jennifer Matthews (Wedding planner/Officiant connoisseur) got a call from a bride-to-be that really wanted to get married on 3/21. It turned out that it was special date to them. Their ceremony up north had to be canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sooo…. we did an elopement!

Jenn’s office was transformed into a makeshift ceremony site and she officiated (something she has done a couple of times before). There was cake, flowers, and even a seltzer toast!

Despite the interruption in their original plans… these two celebrated their day as if everything was meant to happen this way.

Anyway… Cheers to these two… as they celebrated 7 years together… by getting hitched! And among all the pandemic craziness…. it was an amazing day!

The Ceremony

The Ceremony took place in Memorable Events office!
We even maintained Social Distancing during the event!

Covid -19 Elopement w/ Social Distancing. LOL

The Bad news…Jenn (wedding planner)… you’re so far away that your out of focus. (oops)
The Good news…. you and the couple remained healthy and uninfected! (LOL)
Cheers to Social Distancing!

Jennifer and Steven

Unlike when I’m traditionally hired to photograph a wedding… I have a year+ to get to know the couple. For this situation- I met these two only minutes before the big “I-do”. But I”ll tell you what…. and I immediately fell in love!

These two laugh. A lot. Together. You can literally see the happiness and love just radiate off this couple. I was so impressed to see that… they made their wedding happen… on the day they had envisioned.

Now, their plans may have changed. The venue, photographer, florist and cake vendors were all different than what they had originally planned, but that didn’t stop these two.

Simple One tier wedding cake for a Covid-19 Elopement.  Cake is white and purple and adorned with flowers.
Covid-19 Elopement-  The bride and groom cut the cake.

March 21st, 2020

In the midst of a Covid-19 Global pandemic... Jennifer and Steven were determined to get married on March 21st! But why? What was so important about March 21st? Well… it was their anniversary. This was the day that marked their 7 year anniversary… and now it will forever be their wedding anniversary as well.

Being best friends for over a year… then they dated for 7! And During this time… they had three kiddos (4 years, 2 years and 1 year old!)

At The Chesterfield Inn

The Chesterfield Inn is a beautiful venue that is perfect for any elopement! Even though Jennifer and Steven didn’t have their ceremony here- this quaint New England Venue was a perfect spot for their post Ceremony photos!

Bride and Groom at the Chesterfield Inn.
Bride and Groom kiss while going for a walk at the Chesterfield Inn.  During their Covid-19 Elopement.
Bride and Groom hug and laugh at the Chesterfield Inn, on their wedding day,  after having to elope because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Bride and Groom hug and laugh at the Chesterfield Inn, on their wedding day,  after having to elope because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Bride and Groom hug and laugh at the Chesterfield Inn, on their wedding day,  after having to elope because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So despite the current Covid-19 Pandemic… this elopement was magical!! These two have an amazing story to tell their kiddos… and their future grand kiddos.



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Covid-19 Elopement w/ Steve and Jennifer!

Bride and Groom hug at the Chesterfield Inn during their Covid-19 Elopement

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