Caryn & Daniel | Groton Engagement Session

From high school sweethearts to a ‘happily ever after’ after one blind date – in my experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve heard and seen it all. And I can confidently confirm that true love is alive and well, and it’s thriving! No matter how many stories I hear or couples I photograph, I can never get tired of love. And my recent experience with Caryn and Daniel’s engagement photography was no exception. With the beautiful colors of fall and some lovely natural lighting at an equally lovely location, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Caryn and Daniel as they kissed, laughed, and walked hand in hand at a beautiful open field in Groton, MA. 

Caryn And Daniel’s Love Story

When I asked the couple about how they met, they recalled, “We met about 6 years ago at a fall orientation party for our Ph.D. programs in St. Louis.” It was just the start of their amazing relationship as they’d started dating a few months after becoming friends.

Recalling their first date, Caryn said, “We went to his favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Mostly, what I remember is accidentally spilling my glass of water all over the table, which quickly became a running joke.” And describing their best date, the bride-to-be promptly said, “Not sure I could pick just one, but my favorites are definitely where we go somewhere new and wander around to explore. Moving to Boston had been great for that. Since we were new to the area, there were a lot of places reasonably close by to check out. This year we’d gone to Ipswich, MA, to the Atlantic Ocean in Maine, and spent the 4th of July week in gorgeous Stowe, VT.” The couple that travels together stays together, right? 

After listening to the kind of dates they enjoy, I knew this duo was one that cherishes spending some quality time together, so when I asked them about what they like to do for fun, Caryn had a sweet response, “We play a lot of video games together. Sometimes, Daniel recommends single-player games that he thinks I would like, but usually, we’ll play two-person cooperative games (Stardew Valley is a fave).” 

From Dating To Engaged

When I asked Caryn and Daniel about how they knew they were THE ONE for each other, they said, “We went on a vacation to Europe. Caryn was going for a 2-day conference in Copenhagen, and I decided to tag along so we could make it a full trip to visit Stockholm as well. Our plane from Chicago to NYC got super delayed, to the point where we would miss the overnight flight from NYC to Europe. All of this got me absolutely freaked out, but Daniel was able to stay calm, and so we pushed our transatlantic flight to the next day.” Caryn added, “We were able to spend that day in NYC, staying with Daniel’s sister. It turned into a really nice, relaxing day since we hadn’t had anything planned and could just wander around as we pleased.” 

Caryn then described their beautiful engagement story, “We got engaged on 12/21/21. Daniel waited till the winter solstice and got our cat involved. We’d ordered the ring together, so I knew it was coming, but he put the ring on a black bowtie collar and then delivered the cat to me on the couch LOL. It was adorable and casual, which is very us.” There’s nothing like a sweet romantic winter proposal. Even though the proposal was “casual”, the absolutely stunning sapphire ring was anything but that. Daniel knew Caryn preferred sapphires over diamonds and totally nailed it with the design!

Engagement Session Photography In Groton

Caryn and Daniel’s beautiful fall engagement photography session in Groton, MA, was just like they described their proposal – adorable and casual. The colors of the leaves were so vibrant, and the light was perfect. We had a blast exploring the gorgeous fall landscape and capturing some truly special moments between the to-be bride and groom. Every photograph of my sweet couple with the stunning fall backdrop is filled with joy, laughter, and pure love.

We started the session as they strolled around the field and stopped to steal a few kisses. Taking advantage of the natural light and my usual style, I photographed these lovebirds just being themselves and enjoying each other’s company. I knew they were the kind of people who wouldn’t appreciate stiff poses, so we instead focused on exploring the place. The combination of the soft lighting with the beautiful fall colors and the photo shoot location was 10/10! 

Not only were Caryn and Daniel super easy to work with, but they were so comfortable in front of the camera too. And they certainly didn’t need any posing cues for me! Their bond was enough to add that romantic touch to their engagement photos. 

Like I do with all my engaged couples, during their engagement session, I also asked Caryn and Daniel about what they were looking forward to the most on their wedding day, and their response made my day, “It’s a party with all of our friends and family!” They also had great advice when I asked them to share something for other couples planning their weddings, “Don’t take it too seriously! It’s supposed to be fun and exciting!” I 100% agree with that. Wedding planning is definitely stressful, but it’s important to remember your end goal and also take some time out to do things you love doing together, even if it’s just playing Scrabble in front of the fireplace! And if you’re looking to do something special together and need a break from all that wedding planning, an engagement session is always a great call!

Engagements With K. Lenox Photography

Caryn and Daniel, thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. It was an honor to capture this special time in your lives. I had a great time and am looking forward to capturing your future milestones as well. Good luck with the wedding planning! I know you guys will ace it. Looking for an engagement or wedding photographer? Get in touch with me by just dropping me an email. If you want to see more of my engagement session photography, you can check out Katie and Justin’s engagement session at The Barn or Miranda and Andrew’s engagement session. You can also head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of my work.

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