Light and Airy Wedding Photography

Light and Airy Wedding Portrait

What is Light and Airy Photography?

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies rooted in tradition and styled with a flourish that makes it truly personal to the couple getting married. Despite the traditional nature of wedding ceremonies, there are undeniable fashion and beauty trends that shift with the years.

You may have looked at a parent or grandparent’s wedding portrait and felt that it perfectly captured their essence. Or at least it captured a time and a place, like the decade and region they were married in. Maybe it was an ’80s wedding and the bride wore a big perm and shoulder pads. Maybe it was an old 1900s portrait and the bride wore a corset and gloves.

One thing you’ll notice as you look at contemporary wedding photography compared to the portraits of the past is that not only have the clothes and hairstyles changed style, but the photos themselves have too. With weddings becoming ever-larger events, the photography has to be spot on. Highlighting the couple’s unique joie-de-vivre and their clear love for each other. While also documenting their special day and all the painstaking effort that was put into curating the perfect wedding ceremony.

Light and Airy wedding photography showing beautiful wedding day floral details.
From Monique and Zach’s Light and Airy Wedding at the Wentworth Country Club

A great and versatile trend to arise in recent years is light and airy wedding photography.

Also referred to as soft or romantic, light and airy photographs show off the couple in a natural and slightly informal way. This allows the photographer to focus on the couple’s love and the outpouring of support from friends and family. It also has nearly universal appeal, working well for weddings of any size, theme, or location. And it produces a finished portfolio that feels timeless and personal.

Pastel colors,  Light and Airy Bride and Groom portrait
Kara and Andrew’s Intimate Wedding Celebration in Keene

Hallmarks of Light and Airy Wedding Photography

So how can you be sure to achieve light and airy wedding photos? There are a couple of hallmarks that stand out, such as setting, color palette, lighting, editing, and the final portfolio.

Natural, Natural, Natural

This style often favors natural settings — think gardens, forests, and beaches. The natural settings also make great use of natural light, which helps with that light and airy feel.

For the perfect light and airy portraits, you and your photographer should look for locations with beautiful, natural light. It is also crucial to have an uncluttered background. Even better if your ceremony is located near a particularly scenic destination such as a beach or national park. Luckily, in New England, there is no shortage of beautiful locations, including gorgeous, ancient forests, mountains, and fields. And if you’re further south, light and airy wedding photography in Hilton Head is a great option! Thanks to its stunning beaches and forests.

I will work with you to find the perfect location and time for your portraits. I am trained to identify natural lighting that will render beautifully in camera.

Bride and Groom on the Coast in Maine for a Light and Airy portrait on their wedding day.

Golden Hour

Golden hour is a favorite of photographers all around the world and lends itself perfectly to this style of wedding photography. The last hour before sunset, the light that comes from the sun is, well, golden. It’s luscious and warm and has a mystical quality that is universally flattering on all subjects.

One very important thing to note about golden hour: it’s short. The light changes rapidly. The stunning golden effect does not last long. So it can be extremely hard to schedule around. As your photographer, I can help you with the timing and such. Your photographer should help you understand if this time of day is right for your photo needs.

Fall Engagement Session in New England that shows a light and Airy backdrop.
Light and Airy Engagement Session Shot at Alyson’s Orchard in the Fall

Soft Pastels and Photo Editing

The colors in light and airy wedding photography often read as pastels. This can be especially pleasant for spring and summer weddings, and also works well for informal ceremonies where the bride and groom might choose to forgo a traditional white gown and black suit for softer pastel outfits themselves.

That doesn’t mean more formal ceremonies and those taking place in other seasons won’t benefit from the light and airy style, though! From lighting to décor, there are plenty of ways your photographer can achieve the light and airy look in camera.

Photo editing is also a critical part of the process. The light and airy style tend to look more like film. Mild processing can help enhance light and color to really make the pastel palette shine.

Light and airy wedding photography may be a great trend that’s arisen in recent years, but it creates beautiful, timeless portraits that you can enjoy for years to come.

Light and Airy Fall Wedding Photography showing a bride and groom.
Light And Airy Fall Wedding Shot at GrandView Estates

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