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Intimate weddings are just as special and magical as grand weddings and dare I say, sometimes even more. Finding happiness in the smallest and simplest of things is where it is! And I had the pleasure of photographing Kelsey and Gus’s romantic wedding at the gorgeous Aldworth Manor, which was all about love, warmth, and intimacy. I absolutely love capturing intimate weddings. There is a different kind of vibe, and as cheesy as it might sound, it’s the warm fuzzy feeling that I just can’t get over whenever I shoot intimate weddings! Kelsey and Gus, if you are reading this, I want to say that I genuinely felt the love and had so much fun on your happy day!

Meet Kelsey and Gus

With a classic romantic love story to remember forever, I asked my beautiful bride, Kelsey, and my handsome groom, Gus, about the day they fell in love (also, if you don’t know this already, love at first sight stories always make my heart melt!). Kelsey met Gus at a restaurant where he was working while interning back in the day. On that day, Gus was Kelsey’s waiter, and Kelsey was immediately smitten! And our girl here made the first move by asking Gus out by writing her number down on a receipt. And the rest is history! Just look at these two lovebirds, so inspiringly in love with each other. 

Kelsey & Gus’s Getting-Ready Wedding Shoot At Aldworth Manor

The big day finally arrived for Kelsey and Gus – a day filled with love, laughter, and memories to cherish till the end of time. Choosing New England’s most spectacular, unique, and exclusive wedding venue, The Aldworth Manor was a perfect match for Kelsey and Gus. A sensational destination with breathtaking landscapes, I was in awe of the hidden gem’s beauty and its 170 acres of refreshing wilderness. 

With the Aldworth Manor’s beautiful English-style architecture and lush green fields, I had the best time capturing moments from Kelsey and Gus’s big day. As Kelsey got ready in one of the room’s at the manor, I took the opportunity to gather the bridesmaids and capture stunning images of the girls with Kelsey as they clinked their glasses and celebrated the bride.

Kelsey’s mum helped her get ready into her elegant lace and tulle dress, and photographing those tender mother-daughter moments during the getting ready session is always a favorite. Kelsey’s mum also gave her a heartfelt letter, and they both sat next to each other (with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces) as Kelsey read it aloud. The lighting in this room was so phenomenal. Every moment that I caught came out looking so beautiful. 

In another room, Gus spent his time getting ready and sharing a few moments alone with his father, who was also his best man! I loooved seeing the bond these two men shared. Apparently, Gus and his father often play chess, and he has never won a match until his wedding day! The two had a father-son chess match in the library of the manor, and it was this very day that Gus beat his dad in a game of chess (and, of course, his dad denies letting him win!). What a fun turn of events and memories to look back to! 

Kelsey and Gus’s First-Look At Aldworth Manor

After getting ready, it was time for the much-awaited first look. Dressed in white with a beautiful bouquet in her hand, Kelsey laughed and giggled (silently) as she walked down the steps and into a heavenly spot within the manor, where surrounded by majestic nature and the manor’s iconic archways, Gus waited patiently for Kelsey. 

As Kelsey walked up to Gus, he turned around and was completely overwhelmed with how graceful and stunning Kelsey looked. The happily-in-love couple shared a sweet kiss and a tight hug and posed for some gorgeous couples portraits! 

Kelsey and Gus’s Intimate Wedding At Aldworth Manor

As I photographed Kelsey and Gus’s intimate wedding, it made me realize how family and close friends become so involved in a couple’s wedding day, which makes it even more unique and special. For their nuptials, Kelsey and Gus had an outdoor ceremony with an amazing backdrop of the Aldworth Manor grounds. The weather was perfect with clear skies as their loved ones watched them say, “I do”. Family was certainly at the center at this wedding, as Kelsey’s brother, Josh, officiated their wedding. 

During the ceremony, Josh gave Kelsey and Gus a hiking backpack filled with all the essentials, including a compass. And the story behind this gift is hilarious! On one of their dates, Kelsey and Gus got lost while hiking and ended up spending a night in the woods! Not just me, even the guests were cracking up.  

After their nuptials, it was time to get the party started! But before that, I managed to take some really great photos of the newlyweds with their wedding party. Aldworth Manor’s sensational landscapes and architecture were an absolute delight to capture, with my couple having the time of their lives. 

Kelsey and Gus chose a neutral color theme for their wedding, and their cake, too, matched the color choice! I also got the opportunity to take some more candid photos of my lovely couple as they walked and twirled around the manor’s lush green gardens. 

Next, the couple chose to have their wedding dance floor outdoors in an area of the manor surrounded by archways. The whole setup was so stunning! As everyone cheered and celebrated Kelsey and Gus’s wedding, they joined my lovely couple on the dance floor, and I have to say that I saw some of the fanciest dance moves at this wedding. 

Weddings With K. Lenox Photography

Kelsey and Gus, you both are absolute sweethearts, and it was my pleasure being your wedding photographer. Thank you for choosing me to capture your special day! You two have immaculate taste, and your wedding was Pinterest-perfect. Congratulations again! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!  

Before I sign off, I have to say this last thing. One of the biggest highlights of Kelsey and Gus’s wedding was the Aldworth Manor. The property’s lush gardens, wild meadows, and ornate buildings doubled up as stunning backdrops for wedding portraits. The historic property offers an array of indoor and outdoor wedding venue options, and I would love to revisit the location for wedding or engagement sessions in the future! So to any of my readers who are currently planning their wedding and looking for a venue (and a photographer), you can’t go wrong with Aldworth Manor.

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