Alyssa & Nick’s Danversport Yacht Club Wedding

Alyssa & Nick’s Danversport Yacht Club Wedding

Every wedding always has at least one thing or moment that becomes the highlight of the day or just completely melts my heart. At Alyssa and Nick’s wedding, I had several such moments and lots of fun. There is so much from this wedding that I can talk about, be it my lovely couple, their amazing guests, the incredible Danversport Waterfront Yacht Club, or the dreamy decor. To top it all, I loved how comfortable and relaxed Alyssa and Nick were around me. And that’s probably because we had such an incredible engagement session together. 

Danversport Yacht Club Wedding Photography

I belong to a military family and connected with Nick over the US armed forces. There will always be a special place in my heart for US armed forces members. My husband, brother, and three brothers-in-law are US marines, and so is Nick. Nick’s father and Alyssa’s step-dad are also US marines. So, being around these people felt like being with family. 

Alyssa and Nick had one of the cutest love stories as well. They had first met during their sophomore year of high school, and during a history class that they had together, one of their favorite teachers called Nick out for having a “crush” on Alyssa. The funny part is that they had never talked a day in their lives before that point. Well, I always say that love has its ways to bring people together, and somehow joking about it brought Alyssa and Nick together. So, shoutout to their teacher, Mr. Clark! My couple met in 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. Their relationship also stood the test of time, and they stayed together even when Nick had to be away on deployment during most of their engagement. And on their wedding day, I got to witness the strong bond that these two shared.

Alyssa and Nick’s wedding was the perfect combination of classy, elegant, and downright fun. My couple was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Nick was surrounded by the most fun and affectionate groomsmen. They were so happy, they danced their hearts out, hugged, and celebrated Alyssa and Nick! Alyssa also had her group of girls and a bridesman to support her throughout. I had never seen a group of happier, fun-loving, and grateful people before. Photographing these lively people was such a pleasure. 

Besides all the fun, this wedding also had its share of emotional moments. Alyssa had two parent dances. One with her father and another one with her step-dad. This is what I was talking about when I said my heart melted several times during this wedding. No wedding day comes without hiccups, though. At Alyssa and Nick’s, the hiccup was the wind. Man… it was so windy! This is something my couple will be able to talk about even years later, but in the grand scheme of things, it was the only hiccup! 

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Alyssa and Nick, your wedding was incredible! All the love and joy in the air made this day so much fun. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was truly an honor. And I look forward to photographing your future celebrations too. I would also like to give a special shoutout to Danversport Yacht Club. In ten years of shooting weddings, I’ve never been treated with so much grace and warmth by a venue! Everyone was happy, helpful, and kind. They fed us vendors full meals AND dessert and coffee! Shooting at this beautiful venue was a wonderful experience.

If you enjoyed reading Alyssa and Nick’s story and liked the light and airy images I took, you can contact me for a unique photography experience for yourself too. For any queries, you can drop me an email at or ring me on (603) 703-2626. To view a recent wedding: Check out Alyssa and Brandon’s Wedding at Alyson’s Orchard

  1. Venue: Danversport Waterfront Yacht Club
  2. Florist: Harrington Flowers
  3. Hair/Makeup: Beauty Cottage Salon
  4. Videographer: Shutter and Sound
  5. DJ: All-Star Entertainment
  6. Officiant: Michael Capozzi, Justice of the Peace, 
  7. Invitations: Truly Engaging by Magnet Street
  8. Bridal Shop: Madeleine’s Daughter
  9. Dress Designer: Caroline Castigliano
  10. Jeweler: Barmakian Jewelers
  11. Transportation: Boston Chauffeur
  12. Second Shooter: Miranda Young

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