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I absolutely LOVE what I do.   L-O-V-E it!  If you have asked me 20 years ago what I wanted to be when “I grow up”.. I would have said an Elementary Teacher.   LOL Which is hysterical because being in the same room with dozens of children gives me (an unknown at the time) anxiety!  Isn’t it funny how fate takes us in completely different directions than what we ourselves wish for?   Thank Goodness for that too!    Back then I had an answer for everything.   ( of course, I did-  I was 16 LOL)  I was absolute, without a doubt, going to be a teacher.   Well…I ended up a nurse. (One thing was for sure… I was never going to be a “writer”… as I’m terrible with grammar and punctuation! As you can probably tell!)   LOL

Either way… I NEVER,  in a million years, thought of myself as an artist… let alone a photographer!  Now here I am… a Peterborough Wedding Photographer, traveling all over doing what I love.   Capturing stories of people in love.   Documenting, to the best of my ability, the relationship that two people have.

Now… Angela and Jon don’t live in Peterborough, but Google was looking for a new Keyword for me to use-  so this is what I’m using for this post! LOL,   That said-  Angela and Jon do live in the Monadnock Region of NH and they are planning an October 2019 Wedding at Camp Takodah in Richmond NH. 

These two were an absolute BLAST to work with!  I Loved how Angela was outgoing and so very personable! (Not to mention absolutely BEAUTIFUL!)  And Jon-  he was super chill! Not thrilled about having his pictures taken, but he was a good sport and we did get some nice pictures of him laughing!   (Angela had him laughing quite a few times throughout our time together.)   To see their silly nature really made my heart sing.   The way these two smile at each other is enough to make any on-lookers melt.  (And wait until you see their smiles!! )

When we (Angela and I ) were chatting about the weather and the forecast of extremely overcast skies… I assured her that, clouds are great for photos!  Her response….”THAT’S PERFECT!  Our relationship is a bit more cloudy anyway.”   At first, I wasn’t sure what she meant… because when you see these two together,  they are goofy, light-hearted and fun.  (and wouldn’t you know… the sun ended up peeking out despite all the lies that the weather man was feeding us!)   However, when they mentioned they had two kiddos, though only one is still with us today;  I truly started to get a sense of who they were.    Angela and Jon-  survived one of the biggest heartbreaks of our time here on earth.  The loss of a child.  These two are in it for the long haul. These two are strong.

You see-  Romance isn’t just all Roses,  Fancy Chocolates, Wine, and Dining.   True Romance is the day to day, mundane stuff.  Sprinkled with all the heartbreaks and sorrow that life throws at you.  The romantic part is being able to help each other through the tough times, helping to lift each other up and encourage each other to keep on going.   Life is hard,  relationships take work….and that is what makes the journey together romantic.

It just goes to show, that everything happens for a reason.  Reasons we may not yet understand at the time.   Life brings us down a LONG road with hurdles, heartbreaks, and sadness.   But it also brings us JOY, LOVE, and HAPPINESS,  if we choose to allow it in.   All these life lessons, are a part of our stories.  It’s what makes us to who are as individuals.  And finally, it helps form who we become as Husband and Wife.  It’s a beautiful thing.

So many thanks to Ashley Sampson for the amazing hair and makeup application!  Ashley is a master stylist at The Style Lounge Salon in Keene!

Angela and Jon-

Thank You for sharing your story with me.

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