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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

About Kris

Winter Engagement Session

Shannon and Shaun

Before we began shooting their winter engagement session– we met at the Bull Run Restaurant. As we sat there, enjoying the rustic atmosphere and a drink (Glass of wine for me, Sangria for Shannon and a Blue Moon for Shaun),  I couldn’t help but laugh.  A lot!  These two are just so real.  Down to earth, fun and genuine.  Ooo! AND I found that we had a ton in common!  Shannon is a nurse, loves popcorn and tropical weather!  (Um… my kinda a gal! Literally identical there, aside from the fact that I no longer have my nursing license)  And Shaun-  he reminds me so much of my husband Brian.  So… to say the least… I think we may have made some lifelong friends,  which is my goal with every couple I work with!  So it’s a win-win!!

I actually first met Shannon and Shaun at the wedding of Jacki and Andrew, where Shannon was the Maid of Honor.   The awesome newlywed Jacki and this amazing bride-to-be Shannon, are not only the best of friends but also cousins!    I fell head-over-heels in love with Jacki and her family-  now I get to work with them again come December 2018!!   (Which makes me a very happy camper!)

At Jacki and Andrew’s wedding– I had the opportunity to meet Shannon’s parents and Shaun too!  All of which were the most FUN group of peeps!  From what I could easily tell, they laughed a lot and are super tight knit.     And watching Shannon and Shaun interact during their engagement session, I could easily see just how perfect for each other these two are.    Not only is Shannon undeniably gorgeous-  Shaun is pretty dapper himself!   And to see the way they make each other laugh… oh it’s incredible.   Especially since everyone’s most beautiful asset are their smiles!

Their story is ever so sweet.   Their moms-  (best friends for the entirety of Shannon and Shaun’s  lives)  made it so this couple grew up together.   When I asked… they admitted to an unspoken attraction, but the timing was never right.   Until it was!  haha   Finally their time had come…. and here they are, planning their 2018 winter wedding!  And being that they are having a winter wedding (at The Barn at Gibbet Hill)- they figured they would also have a winter engagement session too!

Here is one of the very first pictures of the session.   Seriously?  They are naturals!!  🙂

NH Winter Engagement Session

Here are a few questions that I asked Shannon and Shaun!  Along with their answers!

  • We grew up together. Our mothers have always been friends so we’ve had family parties and get together to go to throughout the years.
  • We went to Boston on New Year’s Eve. It was amazing and felt natural. We got dinner, saw a comedian, and got some drinks afterward. We lost track of time (and a number of beers) and missed the fireworks as well as the countdown, but it was worth it.
  • We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Bailey’s, for dinner on our second anniversary. Shannon ate a huge dinner and felt sick so she was attempting to fall asleep on the couch when we got home. Shaun kept trying to get Shannon to eat popcorn (her favorite snack) so he could put the ring in the bowl but that wasn’t going to happen. He then tried to put it on the kitten’s collar but the ring was too small for that. Shaun continued to try to be very romantic and sweet but Shannon kept falling asleep until he got up to do it the “old-fashioned way” in the living room on one knee. Naturally, Shannon was then wide awake and still feels REALLY bad and lucky to have such a great and persistent guy like that!
  • We love to go on walks and hike when the weather is nice. When the weather is less than ideal, we like to go bowling or stay in and get wrapped up in a new show or movie. 🙂
  • It’s not really a habit, but Shaun has the ability to sleep through ANY alarm he sets. It would not typically be a problem, but Shannon has insomnia and is a light sleeper so her day often starts by waking Shaun up to make him shut off his alarm and make sure he’s not going to be late for work. Our house is generally quiet and Shannon walks very heavy for a small person. She doesn’t know she does it but Shaun always thinks she’s mad about something and stomping around!
  • Plans are going better than expected! We have a venue, an amazing photographer, a wedding dress, and we actually agree on most of the details we’ve been working on! 🙂


So without further ado… here are a few images from their winter engagement session in Shirley Ma!

NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session NH Winter Engagement Session

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