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mint green bridesmaids dresses

Mint Green Bridesmaids dresses

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Makeup and Accessory Tips for Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Mint green is making a wedding comeback. Those who thought it was relegated to fading memories of the 60’s and the 80’s are mistaken. Today we are seeing more and more brides opt for lovely mint green bridesmaid dresses, for example, and creating a garden-like, almost bohemian feel for their nuptials. Mint absolutely works as a star wedding hue!  And is a refreshing (pun intended) departure from more common and overdone signature colors.

Not everyone is sure, though, how to pair mint green with other colors to make a great wedding palette, and authorities on the topic can be hard to find. We assembled the best advice around to help you match your makeup and accessories with this sweet shade.

Finding Mint in Fashion

You may ask yourself, why choose mint at all? It turns out it matches most skin tones. It also coordinates with many popular colors to make stand-out palettes. Mint Green Bridesmaids Dresses also flatters most fabrics, is young, uplifting and actually very natural. It is everything you could want from a wedding color and more.

Mint is particularly attractive when paired with pastels in shades of lavender, peach, yellow or blue. It looks awesome alone but stands out even more against crisp white.

Recently designers have thrown caution to the wind using mint in everything from formalwear to denim. It has become the color to wear when you want to make a casual look demand attention and is similarly crushing competing colors as the star of proms and other formal events.

In weddings, mint is becoming a popular part of rustic color combinations, beach palettes, and both spring and bohemian themed designs.

Makeup Tips

Makeup experts recommend pairing mint green bridesmaid dresses with silver eye makeup or turquoise eyeliner. Silver and mint are a match made in heaven. Turquoise is another color experiencing a revival in the makeup and fashion worlds. If you choose one of these approaches to eye color, makeup artists suggest choosing neutral colors for the rest of your makeup to let your eyes shine and to finish with a pink-based lip color over a red one.


All of the same suggestions that apply to color pairings with mint are relevant when considering accessories. Coral necklaces and earrings are particularly popular, as are chunky white collections of stones or beads and simple plain gold pieces.

How can the men in your wedding party get in on the mint green trend? It is the perfect accent color against dark or light suits. And can be featured in the form of neckties, vests, boutonnieres and even shoes! (For the very adventurous groom or groomsman (think Converse and a very avant-garde wedding style).

If you have been considering selecting mint green as one of your wedding colors, rest assured you could not pick a more contemporary hue. This versatile shade looks great on everyone. It also plays well with many other popular colors and contributes a refreshing vibe to modern wedding designs. Mint Green is easily available in the fashion world. It can be accessorized with some of your staple pieces of jewelry. You can’t go wrong, so, commit right now to the signature shade: mint green.

So there you have it!! Some awesome tips and tricks


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