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Jackie and Andrew

Our first conversation happened right as this couple was moving into their new house.  Imagine planning a wedding, buying and moving into a new house and working full time-  wow!! That’s a lot on their plate.  Yet, despite the stress… talking with Jackie-  I knew right then that they were a couple that I wanted to work with.

Last Saturday-  I headed out to Derry for Jackie and Andrew’s Engagement session.   There was one location that meant so much to this couple- Mack’s Apple’s Orchard- which, as you will read, an Orchard was the location of their first date!!   But before we headed out-  we met up at Jackie and Andrew’s Favorite Restaurant  T-Bones right in Derry!   So we started our time together with a couple drinks, snacks, and awesome conversation.

Derry NH Engagement in the Orchard

Let’s learn a little more about this beautiful couple!

  • We met the day after my (Jacki) 21st birthday (2011), which happened to be the first say of the fall semester at UNH. Andrew and I were both signed up for a field lake ecology class. Since it was the first day we both expected to be handed a syllabus and sent home. Sadly we were told to get a canoe and get ready for the 4-hour class. I kept staring at the UNH Dairy Bar a few days later and the rest is history!
  • I consider our first date to be apple picking:) We had hung out several times before but this was the first time there was obviously flirting and Andrew paid for the both of us. It was all of those things; funny, romantic and awkward. We spent hours walking through the apple trees slowly picking apples and talking. Eventually, we made it to the end of the orchard and sat down to keep talking. A porcupine walked right by us – which is the adorable part. On the way back I decided to show off and climb a tree to get the best apple. I fell! I was so embarrassed. Later on, Andrew admitted that he wanted to kiss me when I fell out of the tree. Our first kiss came a couple of weeks later;)

    Jacki and Andrew Blog 8

  • Andrew proposed on May 2, 2015, at his family’s camp in Maine. The camp overlooks
    Little Sebago Lake and is beautiful. In October during the first year we were dating (2011) he took me to his family’s camp for a weekend. It was so incredibly romantic. We both felt that we decided we were going to marry one another that weekend, we knew we were in love (we didn’t tell each other until years later of course!). So bringing me to the camp to propose was especially sweet. He told me how much he meant to me and got down on his knee.

    Jacki and Andrew Blog 18

  • Hang by the lake, play with our dog, cook, watch New England sports, hike, TRAVEL

    Jacki and Andrew Blog 11

  • Jacki and Andrew Blog 17
    Andrew: “When Jacki only makes sense in her own mind.” Jacki. “Andrew has an engineer brain so sometimes he takes FOREVER to explain things that could be done quickly.”

    Jacki and Andrew Blog 17

  • Plans are going well 🙂 We are just doing finishing touches at this point. All major things are booked.
  • SO EXCITED! We are going to the Azores for about 6 days. We have a few excursions planned including swimming with the dolphins. Then we are going to Lisbon, Portugal. We have a bunch of historic tours planned and a day trip to Porto. We only have 3 days in Lisbon so it will be busy!

    Jacki and Andrew Blog 1


Their wedding is taking place at Zorvino on July 3rd!!  I’m so excited to spend the day with them.    So let’s take a peek at our time together for their engagement session!

Jacki and Andrew Blog 13

Jacki and Andrew Blog 9

Jacki and Andrew Blog 10

NH Wedding and Engagement Photography- Mack's Apples

Jacki and Andrew Blog 6

Jacki and Andrew Blog 5

Mack's U-pick Apples

Derry NH Wedding Photography- Engagement Picture

Derry NH Engagement Photographer

Derry NH Engagement Photographer

Derry NH Engagement Photographer

Derry NH Engagement Photographer




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Derry NH Engagement Photographer | Macks Apples | Jackie + Andrew

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