Samantha And Steven | Audubon Center Engagement Session

Samantha and Steven’s enchanting engagement session at Audubon Center will forever remain etched in my memories. From the very beginning of our time together, their radiant joy and sheer happiness filled the air. Opting for an outdoor shoot, surrounded by the beauty of nature, was a brilliant choice, making the entire experience even more magical. However, what truly made this particular session truly unforgettable was witnessing the undeniable chemistry and deep affection shared between these two soulmates. It was evident in every glance they exchanged, and it melted my heart completely! Photographing newly engaged couples is, without a doubt, an incredible opportunity, but it’s couples like Samantha and Steven that make it one of the best jobs in the world!

Meet The Lovebirds – Samantha And Steven

Samantha and Steven’s paths crossed in the most modern of ways – they swiped right on a dating app! Little did they know, this simple swipe would set the stage for a beautiful love story. With her bright smile and profession as a dental hygienist, Samantha found herself intrigued by Steven, who managed a car rental business. As they exchanged messages, it quickly became apparent that there was a spark between them. With anticipation, they decided to take the leap and meet face-to-face.

Their first date was a quaint affair at a local restaurant, where they discovered a shared passion for a rather unexpected delight – hot wings! (Yummm!). There, amidst spicy bites and laughter, the two lovebirds returned to Steven’s place for porch drinks. And from that moment, they’ve been inseparable. 

As time went by, their love blossomed, and in 2022, Steven planned a family trip to Disney, but little did Samantha know that he had something up his sleeve! With the help of the bride from a family wedding they were attending, Steven orchestrated a dreamy dinner, followed by a heartfelt proposal, all culminating in a spectacular fireworks cruise. Steven, kudos for pulling off such a dreamy proposal! 

Talking about their love for games – be it board, card, or video, this dynamic duo is GAME for all (quite literally!) Samantha is also a big crafter, while Steven sings in Rival Society, a Boston area-based punk band. It’s amazing how they complement each other and bring out the best in each other.

Samantha And Steven’s Audubon Center Engagement Session

Steven and Samantha did a fantastic job choosing Audubon Center in Auburn, New Hampshire, as their photo shoot location because it was BEAUTIFUL! The venue provided a stunning backdrop with giant trees, off-beaten paths, and perfect natural lighting, setting the scene for a romantic engagement session. 

Even though my lovely couple kept things sweet and simple, their photos clearly show how much they adore each other and can’t wait to begin their ‘happily ever after’! Every picture reflected their deep connection as they warmly embraced each other, stole kisses, laughed, and strolled hand-in-hand. It was so wholesome!

The two lovebirds looked so good together and came dressed in casuals (a chill, laid-back vibe that I absolutely LOVE). They posed effortlessly in front of different backdrops and looked at each other with so much adoration. The fall setting and that oh-so-dreamy charm of Audubon Center made for some stunning couples portraits. Samantha and Steven savored every moment and embraced it as if they were the only ones there. 

One of the best parts about Steven and Samantha’s engagement was how comfortable they felt in front of the camera. During the session, Steven pulled Samantha close to him and whispered in her ear (which I believe was something totally adorable!), making her laugh and blush. Haha, it was SO cute! The romantic couple was a joy to be around, and they nailed their session from start to end. 

Wedding Plans And Advice By Samantha And Steven 

Samantha and Steven are almost a year away from their wedding day and are thrilled about it. They said, “We have all the major components in place, and it’s time to start details!” Talking about what they’re looking forward to the most, the couple shared, “We are so excited to dance the night away with our friends and family!”

Steven and Samantha had some valuable insights when asked what advice they’d like to give couples planning a wedding. “Choose vendors that make the process less intimidating! Everyone we have dealt with has been friendly and helpful. With such confidence in our team, it’s hard to stress! No matter what hiccups may arise, we know everything will come together!” Yes, Samantha and Steven, I agree 100% – teamwork makes the dream work! 

Engagements With K. Lenox Photography 

Samantha and Steven, thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. It was a pleasure getting to know both of you, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together! Thank you for all the good memories! Congratulations once again, and happy wedding planning! I am sure you guys will ace it! 

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