Rachel And Tanner’s Wedding at The Barn At Top Of The World

Associate Wedding shot by K. Lenox Associate Mike Mathers

Simple, elegant, and filled with love – if there were words to describe Rachel and Tanner’s wedding at The Barn at Top of The World, this would be it! When Rachel and Tanner decided on this spot to celebrate their wedding and chose me (Mike Mathers of K. Lenox Photography) as their photographer, I was SUPER excited! I’ve photographed weddings at this venue before, and trust me, it mesmerizes me each time. The peaceful and serene sight of the hills with greenery, vast skyline, and one of the most romantic couples was a delight for me to shoot as a photographer. Freezing in time, their intimate moments in the lap of nature are something I’ll never forget. 

Rachel And Tanner’s Wedding At The Barn At Top Of The World

Rachel and Tanner had an amazing wedding, and everyone was down to party! As a photographer, I (Mike) never experience a dull moment when looking for scenes and spots for my camera, and I got some fantastic images from the wedding. 

The day started with getting ready photos of the bride and her bridesmaids. Rachel looked radiant in her bridal dress as her girls helped her look perfect for the big day. I also took some detail shots of the couple’s invitations, the bridal bouquet, and the ring – it’s something I make sure I do at all weddings I document. Rachel’s earrings were of four generations of Tanners’ mothers melted and formed into earrings. It was a beautiful reminder of the love passed down from one generation to the other, and it was a stunning pair.

The Barn At Top Of The World set the stage for a romantic wedding ceremony. My lovely couple had an outdoor wedding under the blue sky and planned everything to the T. The place looks ethereal and is perfect for wedding photos that last a lifetime! For the wedding, Rachel and Tanner decided on a minimalistic decor that had a boho rustic feel to it. As the ceremony commenced, everyone took their seats and waited for THE moment. 

Rachel and Tanner had a simple, traditional wedding and didn’t have a first look before the ceremony. So, as Tanner saw Rachel walking down the aisle, he was beaming with happiness! His eyes said it all! While Tanner and Rahcel’s wedding had lovely light and airy vibes and was an elegant affair, it was also one of the most easy-going and relaxed weddings I’ve ever photographed. This wedding was the definition of my famous tagline – “unfussy elegance.”

Celebrating Rachel And Tanner

Like I said before, the bride and groom were very laid back because, after the ceremony, they were all about dancing the night away with their loved ones. Rachel and Tanner were incredibly calm on the wedding day, and one of the day’s highlights HAS TO BE their couples portraits. They were so in love, soaking in the moment and just enjoying each other’s company. The Barn At Top Of The World presented us with numerous breathtaking backdrops, and I was all for capturing the beauty of it mixed with the happiness of my couple. 

Rachel and Tanner’s wedding reception was further amped up with surprise fireworks that were gifted to the newlyweds! And boy, did I LOVE it! The sky lit up with golden and red sparkling firecrackers that made for such dreamy wedding photos. It looked like something straight out of Disney World! My couple’s wedding was a mix of both emotional and fun moments. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to capture them all on my camera. 

Magical Weddings With Mike at K. Lenox Photography

Tanner and Rachel, I loved photographing your big day. From taking your romantic couples portraits against the most incredible backgrounds at The Barn at Top of The World to documenting all the fun on the dancefloor, it was a pleasure for me. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. I wish you both endless happiness ahead!

If you are looking for a wedding or engagement session photographer, you can get in touch with me by dropping an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’ve shot weddings at The Barn At Top Of The World and absolutely LOVE this place, so if you want to see more from the venue, you can check out the photos from Tiffany and Tyler’s wedding at The Barn At Top Of The World. You can also have a look at Diana and Brendan’s Bedford Village Inn wedding to see more of my work. 

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Shooter Love

  1. Mike Mathers from K. Lenox Photography
  2. Mike Sears 
  1. Venue:  The Barn At Top of the World 
  2. Wedding Planner: Emily- Scherer Coordination 
  3. Officiant: Craig Noyes
  4. Cake: Laura Bouchard Newport VT – 802-334-5643
  5. Florist: Price Chopper ( Wendy)
  6. DJ: Perfect Cadence Events
  7. Caterer: Dena Gray w/ The Dancing Sail
  8. Hair: Moriah Quirion 
  9. Makeup: Mirror Mirror
  10. Bridal Shop: Needleman’s Bridal
  11. Invitations: Truly Engaging
  12. Gown Designer: Mori Lee 
  13. Photographers: Mike Mathers from K. Lenox Photography and Mike Sears

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