Kristi & Matt | 1620 Winery Wedding

Kristi and Matt’s 1620 Winery wedding was about simplicity and boy, it worked like a charm! You see, Kristi adores the beauty of simplicity, and as their wedding photographer, I was absolutely thrilled to capture their special day. The 1620 Winery, with its tagline “Where Rustic Marries Elegance,” truly lives up to its promise in every sense. And let me tell you, Kristi and Matt’s celebration was nothing short of amazing, surrounded by their loved ones. It was an extraordinary celebration where simplicity met sophistication, and love filled every moment.

The Amazing 1620 Winery Wedding Venue 

This wedding venue is a canvas for every couple to paint their unique love story upon. Like Kristi and Matt, every couple is as one-of-a-kind as the tale that brought them together. Their dreams of the perfect wedding venue are as diverse as their love stories. Some envision sandy beaches, while others dream of rustic farm weddings in the heart of the countryside. Some long for chic cityscapes, and others desire serene country club settings with sprawling fairways as the backdrop.

Whatever your vision for your big day, this venue has it all! Kristi and Matt’s historic 1620 Winery, nestled in the lovingly restored shell of an 1800s rope factory, was their perfect fit. Here, the rustic charm waltzed hand in hand with sheer elegance. Join me on a journey to explore the enchanting world of this wedding venue, where your unique love story can take center stage.

Photographing Kristi And Matt’s 1620 Winery Wedding

I love being there with my couples as they start their big day. The excitement and heartfelt moments add so much to their wedding story; capturing the love and radiance makes it all worthwhile. Kristi and Matt had a certain spark that was undeniable. Kristi looked breathtaking in her wedding dress, and everything came together perfectly – especially the bouquet, which had a sentimental touch. I loved how Kristi had a jewelry pendant on her bouquet that had belonged to her late grandmother.

Matt looked dashing in his suit, waiting to meet his soon-to-be-wife. One of the most memorable moments was their first look at the sea: the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean, cobblestones, and sand set the stage for these lovebirds to have their special moment before they tied the knot.

The Barrel Room at the 1620 Winery was a stunning backdrop for Kristi and Matt’s union. It is a breathtaking space, with semi-sheer floor-to-ceiling drapery, white floral accents, and its most noticeable feature – wine barrels. It makes for a rustic complement to the other neutral tones in the room, creating an urban rustic feel. The room didn’t need much decorating because it was already so beautiful. 

The ceremony started, and just as their adorable son Levi walked down the aisle, with help from his uncles, my heart went ‘awwwww’. The moment was simply priceless as he was barely two and just learning to walk. Kristi and Matt exchanged vows against the distinctive wall of authentic wine barrels, making for truly stunning photos.

One of my favorite moments is whisking the newlyweds away for their portraits. The best part with Kristi and Matt was that we found ourselves with amazing backdrops at the venue that provided endless opportunities to get creative. As for the newlyweds, they were a dream come true – complete romantics with the best poses, making my job an absolute breeze. Whether they were posing against the breathtaking beach or the rustic railway tracks, they were truly lost in each other’s company, making each shot perfect!

It was a one-of-a-kind reception that my couple hosted for the guests. Instead of the traditional seated dinner, they opted for a continuous flow of appetizers throughout the night. And let me tell you – there was no shortage of delicious food! I loved the relaxed and casual evening vibe – it made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Of course, all eyes were on the happy couple as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. But once the party really got started, it was all about having fun and letting loose. With the band playing some seriously high-energy tunes, the dance floor was packed all night long. I had an absolute blast capturing Kristi and Matt dancing and celebrating their big day with loved ones. 

Celebrate Your Forever With K. Lenox Photography

Kristi and Matt, thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. It was a privilege for me to be a part of your wonderful celebration at the AMAZING 1620 Winery. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! Congratulations, once again.

If you are currently searching for one or are thinking about hiring me as your wedding photographer, you can get in touch with me by dropping an email, and I will get back to you. If you want to see more wedding photographs that I took, you can check out Amanda and Mike’s wedding, Diana and Brendan’s wedding. You can also head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest or visit my website to see more of my work. 

Second Shooter Shout-Out

Assistant: Melanie

  1. Venue: 1620 Winery
  2. Officiant: Roberta Black
  3. Cake: Guilty Bakery
  4. Florist: Diersch Flowers
  5. Band: The Mockingbirds
  6. Hair & Makeup: Alicia Rush
  7. Bridal Shop: Vows
  8. Invitations: New And Blue
  9. Grooms Attire: Indochino
  10. Gown Designer: Enzoani

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