Bedford Village Inn Wedding

Amelia + Justin

Photography is incredible.   And so are the amazing couples that I work with.    Preparing for this blog post… I was searching through thousands of images, trying to find the perfect ones to put together.   I’m going through their pictures… smiling and laughing.  Totally reliving the moments all over again.  I could hear the music as it played.  I smell the subtle perfume and I can feel the love that surrounded this couple.    A big part of my job is visually re-telling each couples wedding day story.     I get to be submersed in images that spark so many emotions.    Thousands of candid moments filled with joyful tears and laughter.   These images will forever spark memories.  Memories that Amelia and Justin will be able to pass on for generations to come.   And today’s post is only a glimpse into their story.

I get emotional at times.  It means more to me than, I think anyone can really understand.   I value these moments more and more with every passing year.  The first look between a bride and groom.   The first dance as husband and wife.   The last time a father gets to hold his daughters hand as a single woman.   That tight “squeeze” of a hug that Grandma gave before her granddaughter takes the final walk as a “bride-to-be” to her new title as “wife”.   (or for Amelia and Justins’ story ….  the grandma’s showing off their dance moves to the latest hits! or the speeches that were given! So. Funny.)    Wow.  I love every minute of it.

Seeing how these two interacted together during their Engagement Session in Canterbury-  I knew that their wedding day was going to be special.    The way they made each other laugh.   The way they looked at each other.  There was (and still is) no hiding how they feel for each other.

Although they went to the same school, lived on streets that were parallel to each other and probably saw each other every day….they  met because Amelia friend requested him on Myspace!  Justin is two years older than she and to say they ran around with different groups in highschool is an understatement! They were polar opposites. Preppy Jock meets “too cool for school” hoodlum. Meeting for the first time in the 200 wing of Goffstown Highschool while they both took “bathroom breaks” from class was the beginning of their relationship and the rest is history. 9 years, a college degree… and now Married!  Whoop Whoop!

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 Vendors who Helped make this day awesome!

Wedding Coordinator
The Bedford Village Inn
Megan Lawrence


Cake Artist
Jacques Pastries
Tom Vaillancourt

Joey Bolduc Entertainment
Joey Bolduc

Makeup Artist
Siobhan Bennett
Bridesmaid Dresses
David’s Bridal
Men’s Wearhouse
David Tomkinson

Bedford Village Inn Wedding Photographer K. Lenox was on hand to capture Amelia and Justin’s Summer Wedding Wedding.

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Bedford Village Inn Wedding | New Hampshire | Amelia + Justin

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