So, Engagement Portraits with a slight Harry Potter feel? Okay! I know that I’ve mentioned this before… but I LOVE LOVE LOVE people who can just be true to who they are. Real. Authentic and truly own who they are. There is just something so impressive to me when people can own their own shit. […]


Engagement Portraits with a slight Harry Potter feel

September 26, 2019


Wow! What a wonderful wedding at the Luxurious Topnotch Resort in Stowe Vermont! And it was a beautiful weekend too! Sam and Ian were so happy to be surrounded by friends and family! Being from Buffalo- Ian and Sam wanted something different from the Buffalo wedding scene. They were also looking for a smaller more […]

Bride and Groom cuddle for a photo on their wedding day at TopKnotch Resort in Stowe VT

Tented Wedding, WEDDINGS

Wedding at Topnotch Resort

September 26, 2019


I absolutely love back yard weddings!! And I love how unscripted and candid they are. And when it comes to photographing weddings- I have learned so much. I used to put so much pressure on myself to capture what “I” thought was necessary. But over the years… I’ve learned that it’s not about the photographer… […]

Back Yard Wedding, WEDDINGS

Lisa and Scott’s Back yard Wedding

September 18, 2019


Hanging out with Michelle and Andrew was so much fun! These two trekked all the way from CT for their Engagement Session at Alyson’s Orchard! Alyson’s Orchard proved to be the perfect location for what these two were looking for with their engagement photos! Beautiful Views, Waterfront, Orchard, and the list goes on! It’s such […]

Engagement Session at Alyson's Orchard


Michelle and Andrew’s Engagement Session at Alyson’s Orchard

September 15, 2019


Emily and Brandon are Fun. Like F.U.N kinda fun. And they wanted a wedding that truly reflected their fun and laidback sides… so they chose the Elks Camp in Keene! There’s one thing I love- it’s when each couple can stay true to their own visions! And they plan out a wedding that speaks to […]

Camp Wedding, WEDDINGS

Laidback Wedding at the Elks Camp

September 10, 2019


Aaah!! Hannah and Matt are, totally awesome people! And their Simple Tamworth NH Wedding really fit their down-to-earth personalities! When I reflect back to their Engagement session, (Which was also in the White Mountains!) I totally fell in love with their laid back ways and the fact that we had so much in common!! They […]

Bride and Groom walk hand in hand on a field in Tamworth NH on their Summer Wedding day

Back Yard Wedding, Tented Wedding, WEDDINGS

Hannah and Matt’s Simple Tamworth NH Wedding

September 7, 2019


Abby and I talked for hours during our first phone call! And that’s how I knew that I, not only wanted to work with these guys- but I wanted to be their friends. And now after their Engagement Session at the Crane Estates- I can honestly say that we are friends. This entire engagement session […]

Couple walking hand in hand on the Beach during their Engagement Session at Crane Estates


Engagement Session at the Crane Estates in MA

September 4, 2019


Man!! I love engagement sessions at Cathedral of the Pines!! And I love how each couple has their own special personalities that come out during their sessions. Another thing I did, is when a couple can just let go of expectations and just “be them”. Well- that’s how it was with Ann and Matt! I […]

Man and Woman walking up a hill holding hands during their engagement session at Cathedral of the Pines


Engagement Session at Cathedral of the Pines

August 23, 2019


Bethany and Andrew are two fun peeps who had a beautiful Summer Wedding at the West Mountain Inn in Arlington Vt. For a while there- we were a tad worried about the weather- but Luck was on the couple’s side! Because the rain held off until the Reception was underway!!! Talk about awesome! Bethany and […]

Bride and groom kiss on their wedding at the West Mountain Inn

Barn Weddings, WEDDINGS

Bethany and Andrew’s Wedding at The West Mountain Inn |

August 22, 2019


I’m at a loss for words. Seriously. The warm and fuzzies that I get when I reflect back, not only about their wedding at the Inn at the Round Barn but of Allie and John themselves. As I walked into the Church for the Rehearsal- I was greeted with open arms, welcomed by Allie and […]

Bride and Groom during their wedding at the Inn at the Red barn

Barn Weddings, WEDDINGS

Allie + John |Wedding at Inn at the Round Barn

August 18, 2019

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