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I can’t wait to introduce you to Anna and Kyle (Oh and Harper too!) We had so much fun together creating images during their Light and Airy Engagement Session on Monday! We first met up for drinks at The Woodbound Inn in Rindge- before heading over to the Cathedral of the Pines for their session! […]

Light and Airy Engagement Session Photo showing a man and woman hugging.


Light and Airy Engagement Session (+1)

June 20, 2019


Oh man!!! Engagement sessions are incredibly fun! They are the perfect way to get to know each other, all while making some beautiful portraits in a relaxed manner. As you know- wedding day timelines can sometimes leave little time to get portraits of the happy couple. (and not to mention- lighting may not always be […]

Outdoor Engagement session in Brattleboro VT.


An Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT with Kelly and Sean

June 16, 2019


I’m always encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves. I love when people (and couples) can just own their own “weird”. And I mean really OWN IT! The world would be a better place if we could all just be who we are… and truly accept those who do the same. Well, I […]


Enchanted Forest Wedding with a Game of Thrones Twist

June 7, 2019


I often get asked if you really need an engagement session. I guess technically the answer is no… BUT …. They. Are. So. Much. FUN!! And engagement sessions offer so many benefits. Some of which include, you get comfortable with your photographer (before the wedding day) and you get some pretty photos too! You can […]

Light and Airy candid photo of an engaged couple in Benson Park in NH. Photo by K. Lenox Photography


Light and Airy Engagement Session in Benson Park

June 4, 2019


Sam & Ian I freakin’ LOVE my job! And I love the uniqueness that each couple brings to the table! And the same goes for Sam and Ian! These two will be getting married at the Top Notch Resort this coming September- and I couldn’t be more excited! But this post is all about their […]

Diamond Engagement Ring


Relaxed Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT.

May 31, 2019


Man O’ Man… where to begin? Well- we started the session in classic K. Lenox fashion… with DRINKS! We met at Tick Tocks in Honesdale PA. Which, is still one of my favorite places to get a drink when I head back home. Lisa and I have known each other for quite a while. (Think […]

Light and Airy Photo of a couple posing in front of a 1957 Chevy Truck for their engagement session.


1952 Chevy Truck Engagement Session

May 29, 2019


So I know the title of this post also includes Tacos and Tequila- but I don’t actually have any photos of those items. But I can say that is how this Spring Engagement session in Keene started out! haha Brandon and Emily Wow… just Wow! I FREAKIN’ Love these two! We started our session at […]

Light and Airy Engagement photo taken in Keene NH by K. Lenox Photography


Spring Engagement Session in Keene

May 24, 2019


Man o Man- What a whirlwind of a session I had with Bethany and Andrew!! Below you will see images from their Spring Engagement Session in Boston. Aside from met getting lost in Boston- then losing my car keys, this had to have been one of the best sessions!!! Why have an engagement session? Well- […]

Engaged couple have a candid portrait taken at the Seaport in Boston during their Spring Engagement Session.


Spring Engagement Session in Boston

May 18, 2019


We laughed and we drank. We talked, we bonded, and a beautiful friendship was solidified. It’s at this point where beautiful wedding photos are made. You may be wondering… This is an engagement session, why are you mention wedding photos? Well, it’s because having an engagement session is the number First step to Ensuring Gorgeous […]

Black and white image of a man and woman during their Engagement Session in Peterborough NH


Engagement Session in Peterborough NH with Julie & Mackenzie

May 2, 2019


Looking for a fun and personalized gift for the valued members of your wedding parties? Perhaps you would like to consider a personalized Wine tumbler as a Bridesmaid gift? Or personalized shot glasses for your groomsmen? About Bridehop Bridebop is an online women’s gifts, retailer. They offer many different types of gifts for all types […]


Bridesmaids Gifts

April 29, 2019

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