Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding | Courtney And Matt

Courtney and Matt met in catholic school as teenagers and stayed together ever since. Their Lake Shore Resort wedding was a truly special day, brimming with love, happiness, and unforgettable moments. The venue provided a stunning backdrop, enhancing every aspect of their celebration. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, consider Lake Shore Resort for its breathtaking scenery and serene atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to create memories and celebrate your love surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Courtney And Matt’s Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding

The day kicked off with a buzz of excitement as Courtney and Matt got ready in separate rooms. Courtney was an absolute vision in her gorgeous wedding dress, her excitement lighting up the room. She wore a necklace with a diamond from her late grandmother’s ring, adding a deeply sentimental touch that made her even more radiant. Capturing her joy and anticipation was a photographer’s dream.

Over in Matt’s room, the atmosphere was equally electric. He and his groomsmen, looking sharp in their blue suits, were having a blast. They popped some bubbly to celebrate, sharing laughs and toasts that set a fun, relaxed tone for the day. These candid moments of camaraderie were perfect for capturing the spirit of the groom’s preparations.

The first look was set by the dock, with the serene lake and lush greenery providing a picturesque backdrop. As Courtney approached Matt, the anticipation was palpable. When Matt turned to see his bride, his face lit up with a mix of awe and pure joy. They embraced, shared a sweet kiss, and exchanged heartfelt compliments—truly an “awww” and “wow” moment all rolled into one.

The setting was just perfect. The calm rustling of leaves, the soft sounds of the water, and the warm sunlight filtering through the trees created a magical, intimate atmosphere. Capturing this tender, emotional moment was one of the day’s highlights.

Next, we moved on to group photos with the wedding party. Courtney and Matt were surrounded by their closest friends—bridesmaids in lovely dresses and groomsmen in their dapper suits. The wedding party had a fun surprise: a massive bottle of champagne! The excitement was contagious as they popped it open, toasting to the happy couple with lots of cheers and laughter.

These group shots were bursting with joy and energy. The love and support from their friends were evident, making for some fantastic photos that captured the essence of celebration and togetherness. We mixed posed shots with candid moments to ensure every bit of fun and emotion was captured.

Lake Shore Village Resort Wedding Ceremony

The lakeside ceremony was nothing short of breathtaking. Held under a majestic tree that provided a mix of light and shade, it was attended by family and friends who gathered to witness Courtney and Matt’s vows. The weather was perfect, with clear skies and a gentle breeze that added to the serene atmosphere. As they exchanged vows, the love and commitment between them were undeniable. The light, airy ambiance allowed for stunning photos that captured the emotional depth of the ceremony. 

The reception was held under a charming white tent, exuding simple yet elegant vibes that mirrored Courtney and Matt’s style. The tent’s roof was adorned with delicate yellow lights, casting a warm, inviting glow over the festivities. The tables were beautifully set with white linen and wooden chairs, adding a touch of rustic charm.

Emotional speeches from loved ones had everyone laughing and tearing up, reflecting the deep bonds and shared memories of everyone present. One of the evening’s highlights was a surprise dance by Matt and his mom. It started as a slow, traditional dance but quickly transitioned into a fun, choreographed routine that had everyone cheering and clapping along.

The dance floor was alive with energy as guests joined in, celebrating the newlyweds with enthusiastic moves and joyous laughter. The entire day was a perfect blend of romance, fun, and heartfelt moments, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

Weddings With K. Lenox Photography

Courtney and Matt, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was wonderful photographing your wedding, and I had a fantastic experience getting to know both of you. Congratulations again, and I wish you both a happy married life together.

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  1. Team Lenox: Mike and Kris
  1. DJ: Curry Event Services 
  2. Venue: Lake Shore Village Resort
  3. Catering: Celebrations Catering
  4. Florist: Petal Pushers Farm
  5. Hair Stylist: Jo Louise Beauty
  6. Jeweler: Weston Diamonds
  7. Makeup: Aura Jade Beauty
  8. Officiant: Family Friend Brandon Wade
  9. Video: SeaMount Media
  10. Dessert: Dylan & Pete’s Ice Cream

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