Monica And Daniel’s Plum Island Beach Engagement Session

A picturesque shoreline, warm brown sand, a vast ocean, and the expansive sky blending with the blue of the sea on the horizon – that’s what Plum Island Beach has to offer you. So, if an arresting view on a golden beach is your idea of an engagement session destination, then you could do what Monica and Daniel did! These two lovely people decided to tell their story with the sparkling blue ocean in the background, and I got the opportunity to photograph their Plum Island Beach engagement session in this gorgeous setting. With the stunning location offering me plenty of picture-perfect frames to pose my couple against, I just knew we were going to get some stunning shots. And that’s exactly what we got!

“A French Vanilla Coolatta With A Flat Top And No Whipped Cream”

Monica and Daniel’s love story is a delightful blend of serendipity, laughter, and the perfect mix of cultural fusion. It all began twelve years ago at a Dunkin Donuts on Plantation Street, where a French Vanilla Coolatta order sparked the beginning of their charming journey. Monica, a regular coffee enthusiast, couldn’t help but notice the cute barista with a fohawk and an undeniable “too cool for school” vibe. After some subtle flirting and small talk, Monica’s sister played cupid by leaving a note with Daniel’s coworker – a move that led to a text message from Daniel that would change everything.

Their first date was a culinary adventure at TGI Friday’s, marked by Monica’s vegetarianism and Daniel’s dairy allergy, proving that love can conquer even the most challenging menu choices. The evening continued with a trip to the movies for the premiere of The Hunger Games. The proposal took place in the romantic city of Paris during Thanksgiving 2021 against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Daniel’s meticulous planning and Monica’s initial reluctance to leave her family set the stage for a surprise rooftop proposal that left Monica saying the easiest “YES!” of her life.

Their shared love for travel has taken them to 25 countries, with unforgettable moments like sunrise yoga in Bali and exploring the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. As they navigate their busy lives as MBA students at Dartmouth and Harvard, respectively, their individual passions shine through – from Daniel’s love for literature and craft breweries to Monica’s culinary skills and beachside serenity. With roots in Brazil and India, Monica and Daniel have beautifully intertwined their cultural backgrounds to create a unique and vibrant love story that defies expectations.

Monica And Daniel’s Plum Island Beach Engagement Session

Instead of getting into poses right away, I started Monica and Daniel’s Plum Island beach engagement session by just walking around the place. Then, I took advantage of the late afternoon light and did some portraits near the water. My couple looked so happy! They held hands, embraced, smiled, and kissed each other, giving me some of the most romantic engagement images. I love it when my couples just forget about the photos and focus on the time they are getting to spend with each other. 

We continued the session by using expansive space and capturing beautiful negative space images. We were lucky to have the beach all to ourselves because, trust me when I say, not a single person was present on the beach (or at least on our side, haha!). It was fantastic to have the beach just to ourselves, and Monica and Daniel made sure to have the time of their lives. Safe to say, we went all around the location and pretty much used every photography spot we could. 

The images had the perfect beachy vibes, with my lovely couple walking barefoot and the warm sand between their toes. As a photographer, I loved how the beach doubled up as a quiet space for Monica and Daniel to soak in those “we’re engaged” feelings. Engagement sessions are a beautiful way for couples to spend some time together and mark the beginning of a new milestone in their lives. 

Next, we moved to a little cafe/restaurant, and my amazing couple did a quick outfit change. Monica looked super stylish in her frill dress, and Daniel looked smashing handsome in his suit. Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, I captured some intimate moments of the lovebirds. Be it the couple portraits on the sand, photographing them as whispered sweet nothings, or capturing that stunning sunset, I enjoyed creating all the images for my couple’s Plum Island beach engagement session. The romance was definitely in the air!

Wedding Plans And Advice

Excited about the upcoming festivities, Daniel and Monica are focusing on the finer details with Yvonne’s expert guidance. Monica’s creative visions are being brought to life, and the couple is eagerly looking forward to seeing everything come together on their big day. Daniel and Monica can’t wait to share their special day with all those who have been a part of their love story, no matter how long it took. The couple expressed, “Everyone there has played a role in our story in one shape or another, and we are just so excited to celebrate with them – even if it is 12 years later!!”

Reflecting on their own wedding planning journey, Daniel and Monica offer heartfelt advice to couples embarking on the same path. They highlight the importance of selecting exceptional vendors, with special praise for their planner, Yvonne. The couple shared, “Surround yourself with the best vendors – our planner, Yvonne, is a true Godsend, and we cannot imagine planning our wedding without her and her amazing team!!!” They also acknowledge the invaluable support from Kris, who has been a beacon of positivity during challenging moments.

Engagements With K. Lenox Photography

Monica and Daniel, thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. I had a blast capturing this special time in your lives! I wish you both endless happiness and the best for your wedding. I loved getting to know both of you and look forward to capturing your future milestones. Cheers!

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