Kelly And Colin | Cathedral Of The Pines Engagement Session

As much as I love capturing weddings, I really enjoy being able to focus on just the bride and groom-to-be. I get to know them better, we get so much time for romantic portraits, and they get to spend some alone time with each other. It’s a total win-win situation! Kelly and Colin’s engagement session at the Cathedral Of The Pines was all about celebrating the bond they share and this new journey they are embarking on. Surrounded by lush greenery and the brightest pink flowers, Cathedral Of The Pines was perfect for their engagement session. A special shout-out to the flowers for doubling up as the loveliest backdrop for the ring shots!

Kelly And Colin’s Engagement Session

My style of working involves really getting to know my couples. I want to know it all – how they first met, the first date, the proposal, the little quirks they like about each other, etc., etc. And Kelly and Colin go way back. “We met in college through mutual friends. It was March of our sophomore year!” Kelly said, adding, “For our first date, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. I was obsessed with it at the time and he was nice enough to splurge on dinner on our college budgets! It was also March of our sophomore year in college. I was super nervous, but once he picked me up, I realized it was going to be a great night. He was so easy to talk to and we realized we had a lot in common.” You know it’s turning out to be a good story when the Cheesecake Factory is involved!

Kelly added, “Our best date was the one where Colin got us tickets to see country singer Billy Currington at the seaport in Boston. We went to dinner on the water before and had drinks. We walked over to the concert after. It was such a nice night out, late summer but not too hot.” The story adds up because these two love going to concerts together! What they also love is to try out new restaurants!!

Kelly knew that Colin was ‘the one’ when he met her family, and then there was no looking back. “We are both very family-oriented, and my sisters are my best friends. They all hit it off right away. We were all just joking around and laughing. Seeing him be just as awesome with my family as he was with me showed me he was the one. Also, we lived in my parent’s house when COVID first hit. He was such a sport about being stuck in the house, quarantined with my parents and younger sister, so I knew,” my bride-to-be told me. Sometimes, it really doesn’t take any big gestures; it’s really about the simple things.

The Proposal

Talking about the sweet proposal Colin planned, Kelly shared, “We were on Nantucket for the first time ever. It was our first day and he said he had scheduled a boat ride for us in the morning. We got up early and walked to the beach to get in the boat, but I quickly realized there was no boat ride; just an amazing lighthouse and view. He proposed in front of the lighthouse! Later that day, he surprised me by having my sisters come out to Nantucket to spend the night and celebrate all together. It was so amazing!!”

When I asked the couple for advice that they’d give to other couples planning their weddings, they said, “Give yourself enough time between getting engaged and starting the planning to really enjoy the feeling and soak it all in!” And as someone who has so much experience with weddings and engagements, I can totally vouch for this advice! 

Kelly and Colin are a totally laid-back, chill, and easygoing couple. I really dig that vibe, which is probably why it was such a breeze working with them. Cathedral Of The Pines turned out to be a really great location for their engagement session, and I loved how they were willing to move around the whole place for all the different backdrops I wanted to get for their photos. They kissed, hugged, laughed out loud, changed outfits, and just really focused on enjoying their time together. And when they shift their focus away from me is when I get to truly photograph them in their element. It’s less stiff poses, and more fun and romantic portraits, which is exactly how I like my art.

Celebrate Your Engagement With K. Lenox Photography

One thing that always stays with me is when my brides tell me what it is that they are looking forward to the most on their wedding day. When I asked Kelly, she replied, “I’m looking forward to seeing our families together having a great time and just being together with Colin to celebrate. Also, I’m looking forward to saying our vows to each other.” And to my bride-to-be, I would just like to say that I sincerely hope you get to celebrate your big day exactly how you want to. Kelly and Colin, congratulations on this new journey that you are both starting together, and thank you so much for choosing me as the person who got to capture this special time in your lives. I wish you guys happiness and good luck with the wedding planning!

Looking for an engagement or wedding photographer? Get in touch with me by just dropping me an email. If you want to see more photos that I took at Cathedral Of The Pines, you can check out Lainie and Mackenzie or Anne Marie and Adam’s engagement session pictures. You can also head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of my work.

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