Lainie & Mackenzie’s Engagement Session At Cathedral Of The Pines

Meeting new people, interacting with them, learning about their lives, and listening to their stories is something I genuinely love doing. And I consider myself fortunate as my profession allows me to do it all. So, a couple of years back, when I was shooting high school senior portraits regularly, I, along with my BFF, Erin from LittleFoto, had put together a senior rep program. Lainie was one of Erin’s “Little Ladies”, and we all used to get together, Erin’s “Little Ladies” and my “K crew”, to have a senior shootout. It was complete with snacks, hair and makeup along with a fun dinner out. This is how I met so many new people, and this is also how I first crossed paths with Lainie. And now, here I was photographing her engagement session with Mackenzie. Oh! I really can’t put into words how happy I felt when this beautiful couple decided to have me as their photographer. I wasn’t just excited about my special connection with Lainie but also delighted to see her all grown up and hitting this lovely milestone in her life. We did this session at the Cathedral of the Pines, overlooking the Grand Monadnock, and got some stellar couple pictures. The breathtaking backdrops at the Cathedral complex made the photos look even more gorgeous, and the serene environs made sure I had a refreshing workday too.

Lainie and Mackenzie’s Story

Lainie and Mackenzie had met in high school, and their first date was at Panera. Lainie says it was “nothing too crazy” since they were just teenagers! And much later, when they were down in Florida getting ready to go on a cruise, Mackenzie insisted that they should take a walk on the beach (Lainie found it to be a little odd for someone who’s not a beach fan!). So, they took a stroll on the beach, and right before they left, Mackenzie proposed to Lainie! Mackenzie, you absolutely nailed the beach proposal. Anything for your ladylove, I suppose – even walking on the beach!

Now that these two are engaged and also planning their wedding, I was just a little curious about how they put up with each other’s funny quirks or habits that the other might find annoying. And the beautiful bride-to-be promptly replied, “I really cannot think of anything! It may be because we have been together for 6 years, and I have gotten used to everything!” Lainie, that’s such a sweet answer, and that’s the kind of bond we all desire with our partners.

Talking about their wedding planning, Lainie said, “Wedding planning is going pretty well for planning this all in 2 months! Just about everything is done, and now it is time to enjoy it all!” Indeed! That’s exactly what the two of you or any other couple should do. And you put that perfectly into words when you shared a great piece of advice for future brides and grooms. Here’s what you had to say to other couples, “As hard as it is, don’t stress over the small stuff. Things are going to go the way they will go, and there will be some things you can’t control and will have to go with it.” I completely agree with this, Lainie. Soaking in your special day and enjoying the celebration is way more important than fretting over things that might not matter in the long run and might not even get noticed.

Engagement Photography At Cathedral Of The Pines

Between getting engaged and exchanging their wedding vows, Lainie and Mackenzie wanted to get some beautiful engagement portraits done, and that’s why we scheduled this session. Though I already had an idea about how lovely these two were as a couple, but when I met them for the shoot, I realized they were also so much fun to hang out with. They, like most of my couples, were pretty laid-back and chill. Yet, they brought a sense of adventure with them! When we met for the session, The Woodbound Inn (which is going to be their wedding venue in just a couple of months) was closed (oops! My bad! I missed out on checking the time before rescheduling their session). But we did not let this little hiccup dampen our spirits. We started by taking a few pictures first, then had drinks and snacks before heading over to the Cathedral of the Pines.

Our warm-up meeting at the Woodbound Inn worked so well for the session. Well, I believe it always does! Bonding with each other before we begin shooting helps us get comfortable with each other, shed inhibitions, calm down nerves (if needed), and also allows both parties to convey what they are expecting out of the session. This, I think, is a great way to be on the same page and achieve exactly what we want. And that’s what happened here. Lainie and Mackenzie were all smiles throughout the session and enjoyed their time together. They held hands, embraced each other, and exchanged kisses to express their love for each other, and I felt incredibly happy seeing this lovely couple get so comfortable before the camera. I had fun photographing them and took a lot of candids along with some posed pictures. The greenery around us and the lovely rustic vibes that the Cathedral of the Pines had in abundance made this session even more amazing! As a result, the images we created together turned out to be so romantic and beautiful.

Get The Best Engagement Images With K. Lenox Photography

Lainie and Mackenzie, you are made for each other, and I loved to see both of you so cheerful and in high spirits throughout our session. Photographing you two was a joy for me, and I really appreciate the efforts you two put into this session. From your selection of location to choosing your attire for the shoot, everything was just perfect! I want to thank you both for trusting me with your engagement photography and also for sharing your wedding vision with me. “We want a fun and relaxed atmosphere,” that’s what you guys said, and that’s what I wish for the two of you. Also, I wish you two a happy life together with some wonderful time spent hiking in the summer and playing with your dog outside, just the way you two like it.

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