Maddie & Mike’s Engagement Shoot At Sugarbush Resort In Warren

Do the mountains excite you? Do the picturesque views they offer from atop fill your heart with happiness? Do you enjoy mountain sports and are looking for an engagement photography venue in Vermont that incorporates your love for it? If your response to all these questions is yes, then your search ends here! The Sugarbush Resort in Warren has everything you’ve been dreaming of. It isn’t just perfect for mountain adventures and stellar couple photography but can also be a great option for a cozy winter snowcation. So, when I got a chance to photograph Maddie and Mike’s engagement session at this idyllic venue, I was beyond excited! Besides the breathtaking backdrops the venue provided us with, the place also had a special connection with my couple, making the whole photography experience even more memorable for them. Maddie and Mike had both grown up skiing at Sugarbush. Mike’s family has owned a house in Warren for his entire life, and he spent a lot of time there, while Maddie’s family and close family friends used to travel to Sugarbush each year for a fundraiser. No wonder this stunning venue was the obvious choice for this outdoorsy couple when it came to picking a location for their engagement session. And, as a photographer, I’m so glad that they zeroed in on this exquisite venue. But that’s not all! The fun quotient was raised by several notches when my couple’s friend, Rachel, and their fur baby, Piper, joined us for the photo session. Woah! What a great time we had!

Maddie & Mike’s Story

To learn more about my couple’s story and get to know them better, I asked them a few questions and got some sweet and interesting answers. They told me that Mike works for Tesla and Maddie is a nursery school teacher at a farm daycare. The two had first met at St. Michael’s College in Vermont through their friends who were in a band. Soon, Maddie and Mike also became friends, and exactly 7.5 months later, they started dating.

Talking about their first date, Maddie told me, “Mike drove all the way up from Massachusetts with a broken ankle in his manual Subaru just to take me out to dinner in Burlington. We went to The Farmhouse on Church Street and then walked to Nectars to watch our friend’s band, Cosmosis Jones, play at a show.” Oh My God! Mike, that’s some dedication and love you have for Maddie, I can say. Nothing could stop you from seeing your ladylove – not even a broken ankle!

Recalling how her groom-to-be had proposed to her, Maddie gushed, “Mike surprised me on our fifth anniversary while we were walking my dog, Piper, along the Charles River in Natick. We then went out to my favorite farm-to-table restaurant in Natick for dinner.” Maddie and Mike, that proposal sounds so sweet and perfect.

Speaking about the engagement and their courtship period, Maddie said, “We were lucky enough to have lots of time and enjoy a long engagement. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve had friends with shorter engagements and it seems somewhat more stressful! We are grateful to have lots of time and options.” With all the things you told me you two do for fun, that makes so much sense, Maddie. “We consider ourselves to be quite adventurous and outdoorsy. We really love to ski, hike, paddle/kayak, and camp all around Vermont and Massachusetts. On summer and autumn evenings, you may find us around the fire pit enjoying some beer or out on his parents’ boat at the lake with Piper, of course! Over the past couple of years, we’ve been really enjoying cooking together and trying lots of new recipes. It’s such a treat when Mike cooks because he’s really great, and I’m still learning. But I’ve gotten much better,” the bride-to-be, chuckled.

She added, “Some weeknights we will have dance parties now and then, when we’ve been having a long week, for example, we will just put on some Electric Dance Music (his favorite) or Classic Rock (my favorite) and jam out.” Maddie and Mike, I feel that’s such an excellent way to enjoy your time with each other, and it sure sounds like a lot of fun too.

Highlights From Maddie & Mike’s Warren, VT, Engagement Session

After listening to my couple’s story and knowing how stunning the backdrops around Sugarbush Resort could be, I was super excited for Maddie and Mike’s engagement session. I just knew that some romantic and stellar pictures of my couple were guaranteed at Sugarbush, and that’s exactly what we got! Though the session had been rescheduled several times due to the New England spring weather (rain), and the forecast wasn’t fantastic for this day either, we decided to give it a go! And thankfully for us, it ended up being great! It was windy and super chilly, but my couple rocked it! They kept it real and were playful throughout the entire session.

From walking hand in hand to running around and teasing each other to cracking up at each other’s jokes, what fun my couple had! And seeing these two so happy and content in each other’s company made me super happy too. Their high spirits and comfort in front of the camera made my work much easier, resulting in some fantastic engagement portraits. Also, all the locations we hit up were special to my couple and made this session even more significant for them than it already was.

My couple’s dog, Piper, added so much cuteness and an element of interest to the photos, and Rachel, their fun friend, was such a joy to be around. She helped us with Piper and whenever we needed any help. With a true friend like that, who wouldn’t want to put some well-deserved spotlight on them and give them a special place in the album? Well, my couple and I didn’t want to miss out on that. So, I took a few solo portraits of Rachel, and she happily let her fun personality shine brighter in the photos.

Honestly, I think the whole session was delightful, but the best part was that we had first met up at Mike’s parent’s cabin for some wine and conversation. That just set the mood for the session right! I believe that, for me as a photographer, getting to know my clients beforehand and interacting with them before a session always works as a great icebreaker. It helps create a bond between us and allows both parties to get comfortable with and warm up to each other. I’m glad that we did perfectly on that front and the images are proof that it worked!

Get Gorgeous Light & Airy Engagement Pictures With K. Lenox Photography

Maddie and Mike, you two are true gems! I loved being your photographer, and documenting your special moments against those green fields, tall trees, and riverfront at Sugarbush was a pleasure. I want to thank both of you for the efforts you two put into this session, and want to give a special shout-out to Rachel for being such an awesome friend! Maddie and Mike, I wish you a beautiful mountain-top, outdoorsy, fall wedding where you’re able to soak in all of the scenery and enjoy time with your family and friends just the way you want. May you enjoy lots of partying and night-long dancing and also be able to pick your own flowers to add a personal touch to your wedding. I know how much you two love Sugarbush as it holds such a special place in both of your hearts and your life together. And, therefore, I truly wish you two to have your dream wedding at this exquisite venue just the way you have planned.
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