Anne Marie & Adam’s Engagement Shoot at Cathedral of the Pines

Anne Marie & Adam’s Engagement Shoot at Cathedral of the Pines

There are so many reasons why I love doing engagement sessions for my couples, and relaxed vibes are one of them. Unlike weddings, there are no guests admiring the couple as they get their photos clicked or even a timeline to honor so that wedding events don’t run late. Couples can have such a great time just being themselves, enjoy the moment, walk hand in hand stress-free, soak in the beauty of the surroundings, and also practice being in front of the camera before their big day arrives. Another bonus is getting familiar with their photographer and establishing a bond with them. So, when Anne Marie and Adam contacted me for their engagement session, I was beyond excited! We did this photoshoot at the historic Cathedral of the Pines, and the images we created together amid all the greenery and picturesque views turned out to be super romantic and gorgeous!

Anne Marie & Adam’s Story

Just like I do for all my couples, I asked Anne Marie and Adam about their love story and journey together. Not only do I love to hear all these sweet tales of love, but they also inspire me to bring out the essence of my couple’s personalities and their love through photos. So, I just knew that knowing my couple better was a must.

When I asked Anne about her first meeting with Adam, this is what she told me, “We met through OkCupid, and our first date was at a speakeasy in Somerville.” Reminiscing about their first date, my bride-to-be said, “I accidentally approached the wrong person at first! So I definitely felt embarrassed. But after that, it was just so comfortable talking to each other. I can’t believe the range of topics we covered!” When asked to talk about the time she realized that Adam was ‘The One’ for her, this is what Anne said, “Oof this is tough. I think the feeling built over time! Also, he made me feel connected to my childhood again – he played the piano, and I rediscovered music I hadn’t heard in ages. He also supported me during the loss of my mom… so as I was losing my old life, I was also kind of creating a new one with Adam.” Anne and Adam, that’s so heartwarming and soul-touching at the same time. Both of you are such lovely human beings and so kind. And, this I’m saying from experience. 

My couple had gotten engaged on December 25, 2020, and in Anne’s words, this is how the proposal went, “Adam got very dressed up on Christmas morning. As we got ready to open gifts, he said he had one present that he wanted to give me first. He got down on one knee and asked me! Good thing I changed out of my PJ’s too!” Hahaha… Adam, I must say that’s one incredible Christmas gift you surprised Anne with!

These two lovebirds enjoy their time together and love creating new experiences as a couple. Anne says one of the best trips she’s had with Adam was to the Cape last summer. “We went paddleboarding in this crystal-clear lake. I also liked our second-anniversary date… we went to this fabulous restaurant in Boston and then walked around the common to look at the Christmas lights. Early on, we went to see Walk The Moon and that was also a lot of fun!” my bride-to-be recalled. Anne and Adam, that sounds so much fun, but then there’s something more Anne has got to say about her groom and the things they do for fun. “I like Adam bc (because) he can make anything fun. We do the boring stuff during the week like making dinner and watching a show. During the summers, we like to paddleboard. We also check out new restaurants, travel, or go to concerts. We are also crazy about our pets (he has a cockatiel and I have a cat),” Anne gushed. Anne and Adam, on the day of your engagement, I could just see how comfortable and happy you two feel in each other’s company. I’m sure, be it the daily chores or the weekend adventures, you two find joy and warmth whenever you guys are together. 

Cathedral Of The Pines Engagement Photography

Our engagement session venue, the Cathedral of the Pines, was gorgeous! It’s situated on a hilltop and offers a panoramic view of the Grand Monadnock Mountain. The Cathedral honors the service of Americans (both military and civil) during World War II and provides its visitors with a breathtaking meeting space on over 200 acres. The Cathedral had photography-worthy spots in every nook and corner, and I didn’t have to think twice while composing shots for my couple.

It was so refreshing to see Anne and Adam opting for casual and no-fuss dressing for their engagement photo shoot. My couple wore comfortable clothes that would keep them warm during our outdoor session but also look elegant and classy. The color coordination was just perfect! The blues and grays blended so well with the scenery and even complemented the greens and browns of the foliage around. My models were super relaxed and so natural in front of the camera, which made my work so much easier. From photographing them with the coniferous trees in the backdrop to creating their portraits against the expansive meadows, I just had so much fun with my couple.

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Anne and Adam, I love both of you, and to see you two so lost in each other during your engagement shoot was a joy. Your choice of engagement session location was lovely and helped me create amazing photos of you two. I want to thank both of you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and really appreciate your advice to couples planning their wedding just like you two – “Make it what you want! There are so many decisions to make. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone. It is your day! Collaborate! Have fun with it.” Anne and Adam, I wish you both happy wedding planning and lots of fun together.

To all my readers out there – if you enjoyed reading Anne Marie and Adam’s story and liked the images I took, I’ve got more light and airy photos for you to take a look at. You can check out the photos from my other Engagement Session at the Cathedral of the Pines and Mary and Chad’s Hilton Head Engagement Session. You can also check out this Savannah Engagement Session I did sometime back or just go to my blog section to discover a lot more. If you or someone else you know is looking for a similar photography experience, you can contact me! In case of questions, you can email me or call me at (603) 703-2626. To see more of my work and get updates, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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