Noelle & Kade | Fall Engagement Session In Dover

Love stories are as unique as the people who share them. They’re filled with character, quirkiness, and unexpected surprises. You never know where or how you’ll meet your significant other, but for Noelle and Kade, their story began on the slopes of Killington. I mean, could it get any cooler than that? When they first met, they were both wearing blue puffy jackets and had K2 Snowboards, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, except for the part where they rode the chairlift together and got to know each other better. As an engagement photographer, I have the privilege of capturing these incredible love stories, and Noelle and Kade’s fall engagement session in Dover was no exception. It was an absolute blast!

Meet Noelle & Kade

Noelle and Kade’s love story is an amazing blend of adventure, unconventional moments, and heartwarming quirks. Their first unofficial date began at the Allston Skatepark on a brisk morning, reflecting their shared love for skateboarding and snowboarding. Their “official” date saw them savoring palomas and tacos at a Mexican restaurant in Cambridge, with Kade walking Noelle home. 

The proposal was nothing short of magical – a canoe ride under the stars in Minute Man National Park, culminating in a surprise proposal on a picturesque bridge. Funny quirks? Noelle’s Achilles tendon mishap early in their relationship. And as the couple said, “It made us both realize that we could care for and be there for one another. It also required a lot of calf massages!”

Photographing Noelle And Kade’s Fall Engagement Session In Dover

For Noelle and Kade’s engagement, we found ourselves amid a breathtaking display of warm fall colors. The location couldn’t have been more picturesque, with a serene lake mirroring the dense foliage and rolling hills that seemed to go on forever. The weather, oh, the weather! It was like nature had decided to put on a show for us, giving us the perfect, light and airy ambiance. But what truly stole the spotlight that day was my lovely couple!  

Capturing their love was as easy as pie, and it was a joy to witness the natural and beautiful connection they shared – precisely the kind of love story that inspires us all. I’m always thrilled when my couples go the extra mile to prepare, and these two knocked it out of the park! Noelle and Kade showed up in not one but multiple stunning outfits that perfectly captured the fall vibe and light and airy feel of the day. 

Can I just say how stunning it all turned out?! The setting itself was breathtaking. Those rolling hills and the vivid fall colors formed the most enchanting canvas for their engagement session to unfold. As for these lovebirds, they effortlessly ran around, holding hands, sharing sweet kisses, and even had Kade lifting Noelle for a romantic shot that felt straight out of a movie.

And it wasn’t just the pictures; it was about the moments that made this session so incredibly special. Noelle and Kade hopped onto a little boat on the serene lake, and it was magical. As they sailed along, their gazes were filled with nothing but pure love and adoration for each other. It was one of those moments that reminded me why I’m so passionate about capturing love – those genuine, unscripted, and lovely moments. Noelle and Kade were the epitome of a perfect couple in this stunning fall setup, ready to embark on their new journey together.

When I asked for their advice for couples planning their big day, Noelle and Kade emphasized the importance of starting early, especially when it comes to finding the perfect venue, as these gems can get booked up over a year in advance. As for their own wedding plans, they’re making excellent progress. Save the dates are chosen, and their website is taking shape, setting the stage for what promises to be a truly special day!

Celebrate Your Engagement With K. Lenox Photography

Noelle and Kade, thank you for having me photograph your beautiful fall engagement session. It has been my privilege to be a part of your journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! Congratulations and cheers!

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