Susie And Taylor’s Sugarbush Resort Wedding

Here’s a little throwback to the captivating Sugarbush Resort wedding of Susie and Taylor, a couple whose love story I’ve had the honor of capturing from the very beginning! Our first venture was at their ‘snow-mantic’ engagement session at Dartmouth College – the place where these two lovebirds met. Their joy, laughter, the way they looked at each other – it was all pure magic! So, when I got the call to document their wedding, I was super pumped! Having spent such an amazing time with them, I knew their wedding would be nothing short of spectacular. And, oh boy, was I right! Their Sugarbush Resort wedding was a reflection of who they truly are – carefree, fun-loving, and utterly endearing. Stay tuned as I share more from their beautiful day! 

Susie And Taylor’s Sugarbush Resort Wedding

It’s always a treat to capture the behind-the-scenes magic of a wedding. Susie, one of the sweetest brides I’ve had the honor to photograph, looked so relaxed and happy. With her bridesmaids by her side, they were in their own world, taking selfies and soaking up the joy of the day. Then there was Taylor, our groom. In his dress blues, he was every bit the dashing captain from the USMC. As he buttoned his uniform, there was a sense of pride and anticipation that added even more charm to these special moments. 

Before the ceremony, Susie and Taylor had a first-look moment that was nothing short of magical. Taylor, looking sharp in his uniform, awaited Susie’s arrival. When he finally turned around to see Susie, he took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss! Adding to the charm was the wind that chose to play along at just the right moment. It caught Susie’s veil and wedding dress, making them flow dramatically and adding a cinematic touch to the scene. The pictures turned out to be breathtaking and looked like they were straight out of a romantic movie! This was easily one of my favorite moments from their day, a perfect blend of love, joy, and a little bit of drama courtesy of Mother Nature.

Wedding Ceremony And Reception

The view at Sugarbush Resort was phenomenal, with lush foliage everywhere and cloudy skies creating an ethereal atmosphere. The outdoor ceremony itself was a dreamy affair, with Taylor and Susie’s loved ones in attendance to celebrate the union of the couple. Since it was a cold, windy day, Susie completed her bridal look with a chic white coat. The couple was positively glowing as they exchanged their wedding vows and wowed us all with a kiss as they sealed their marriage. 

Capturing beautiful photos was a top priority for Susie and Taylor on their big day. After the ceremony, we headed to various locations within the venue for wedding party and family photos. And then, it was finally time to take the newlywed’s couples portraits! Their chemistry was undeniable as they held hands, embraced each other, and stole kisses, making it easy for me to capture their ‘happily ever after.’ 

Talking about Susie and Taylor’s wedding reception, it was LIT! I’m talking about a special Slovak dance by Susie and her sister. They OWNED IT! To get into the full fun of things, Taylor quickly changed his attire and got dressed in a classic Tuxedo, and the couple also cut their wedding cake with Taylor’s sword! The newlyweds had their first dance as husband and wife and swayed gracefully to the music with so much love and affection for one another. As the night continued, the reception was filled with laughter and non-stop dancing as family and friends celebrated Susie and Taylor’s new beginning.

Weddings With K. Lenox Photography

Taylor and Susie, I enjoyed every second of photographing your big day, and it was so awesome seeing you two lovebirds again! Congratulations on tying the knot! And I look forward to being a part of your future milestones. Cheers, and keep rocking! 

If you are looking for a wedding or engagement session photographer, you can get in touch with me by dropping an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I also recently shot another wedding at the Sugarbush Resort, so if you’d like to check out more photos of this stunning place, take a look at Maddie and Mike’s Wedding at Sugarbush. You can also head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  1. Team Lenox: Team Lenox (Mike and Kris)
  1. Officiant: Maeve Gallagher (best friend) 
  2. Florist: Tipsy Tulip
  3. DJ: Clockwork Boston
  4. Videographer: William Benjamin Weddings
  5. Hair & Makeup: Prime Salon VT
  6. Bridal Shop: Blush Bridal Gallery  
  7. Invitations: Paper n Things Baton Rouge

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