Amanda And Jared’s Engagement Session At Wachusett Mountain

Together, Amanda and Jared share a love for staying active. Whether it’s lifting weights, hiking, skiing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, they are happiest when they’re out and about. But perhaps what truly makes Amanda and Jared’s relationship unique is their shared sense of humor and love for the quirky side of life. They have countless inside jokes and communicate in a language of movie quotes and funny memories. Amanda proudly admits to making Jared “much weirder,” a testament to their easygoing, fun-loving personalities. Professionally, Amanda works as a speech-language pathologist, while Jared is a physical therapist! 

As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate to witness many beautiful love stories, and Amanda and Jared’s is one that truly stands out. Their engagement session at Wachusett Mountain was not just about capturing beautiful images but also about celebrating their unique bond. The day was filled with laughter, impromptu piggyback rides, and an overwhelming sense of joy. Amanda and Jared’s approach to life – living in the moment and cherishing each other’s company – was refreshing, and it was reflected in every photograph. Their love story, their energy, their spirit of adventure; everything came together to create a memorable session that I am incredibly happy to have been a part of.

Meet The Lovely Couple

Knowing someone for a long time and realizing they’re the one for you is such an amazing feeling! Amanda and Jared have known each other since middle school and later attended the same college, but it was during their postgraduate studies that they finally acknowledged the spark between them. Their first official date (according to Jared) was at a sushi restaurant, a meal that Amanda loves, but was new to him. Today, sushi holds a special place in their hearts (and stomachs!), becoming a favorite food group for both of them. 

When it came to the proposal, Jared went all out! At a Shania Twain concert, he got down on one knee during the song “From This Moment.” But the sweetest part of the proposal was yet to come. With Amanda’s father having passed away during her college years, Jared made the thoughtful gesture of asking her mother for her blessing through a heartfelt letter. This thoughtful act touched Amanda deeply, making their engagement even more meaningful! 

Amanda And Jared’s Wachusett Mountain Engagement Session

Amanda and Jared’s Wachusett Mountain engagement session was nothing short of a love-soaked extravaganza! With brilliant outdoor lighting and the stunning ski resort setting, Jared and Amanda’s engagement photos turned out so beautiful. Wachusett Mountain is famous for its numerous outdoor activities, including racing, skiing, food truck festivals, and much more. Additionally, it’s incredibly picturesque, so, of course, I took advantage of the place as Amanda and Jared happily posed in front of different backdrops. 

Jared and Amanda were completely in love and so good together. They were effortlessly themselves and enjoyed every second of the session. Plus, the vibrant fall setting made for some gorgeous pictures! The weather was perfect, and the natural lighting worked its magic, allowing me to capture enchanting photographs of this lovely couple. Happy to be engaged, Amanda climbed on Jared’s back, and he took her for a fun piggyback ride! Haha, these two were in their element and just so excited to have begun this new, beautiful journey together. And to be honest, this was one of my favorite moments from their engagement session. 

Working with Jared and Amanda was a breeze, and their chemistry in front of the camera was undeniable! No posing cues were necessary as their genuine connection shone bright, making their engagement photos glow with romance. They couldn’t stop smiling and were utterly smitten with each other. If their pictures are not what being in love looks like, I don’t know what is!

Wedding Thoughts And Updates

Amanda and Jared also shared their excitement and insights about their upcoming wedding with me. Amanda mentioned, “I was stressed in the beginning…but now that the big things are booked it’s pretty chill finally.” They’re both eagerly anticipating their vows, and the reception dance, with Amanda confessing, “I will most certainly bawl my eyes out,” during the vows. 

When asked to share some advice for newly engaged couples out there, they said, “Talk about what things are important to the both of you ahead of time so you aren’t starting from nothing!” Jared and Amanda’s journey thus far has been filled with laughter, love, fitness goals, and a lot of sushi, and I’m confident that their wedding will be just as delightful. 

Celebrate Your Engagement With K. Lenox Photography

Jared and Amanda, I had so much fun photographing your new milestone. Thank you so much for sharing all your sweet and funny stories with me – you guys are super adorable! All the best for your wedding plans, and I hope to see you two again! 

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