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Kcrew 2018 | So Totally Badass

April 11, 2017

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2018 KCrew



Individual Kcrew Introductions coming VERY soon!! 

Erin (LittleFoto) and I had a blast spending time with our senior reps during our now annual, super fun senior shootout!    A lot of planning goes into our day.  And before I brag about how totally badass our girls are- I want to say a full thank you to everyone who made this day happen.   First… the girls over at OneDesign Hair studio!   Both Vicky and Whitney worked their magic with our girls and we couldn’t have been more thankful!   Also-  so much thanks go to Adventure Limousine who provided us the most kick ass stretch limo for our girls!  It was a really fun way to pamper them and to have fun all traveling to our site together!    The shirts were produced by none other than my dear friend Tim and his team over at  Beeze-tee’s.  They turned out awesome as always!!   Also-  So many thanks to Kim, Mikela, and Autumn who were there to help in massive ways behind the scenes!!  You all are so totally amazing!  xoxo

This first post is really just a quick shout out to everyone as a group!  When Erin and I look for ladies to represent our brands… we look for girls who are real.  Who are perfectly imperfect and who are so totally #badass.

What exactly do I mean by “badass”?    Well.. it doesn’t mean biker chicks who have been arrested.  or being bitchy to others just to make yourself look “cool”.   Nope.   My version of BADASS is this:.    Love yourself and own who you are.    If you’ve been in trouble but can own up to making a mistake… now that’s badass!  If you failed at something, only to keep tying harder… that’s badass!       If you’ve stood by a friend through thick and thin… that’s BADASS.    If you had a poor self-image- but you are working on loving yourself more-  BADASS!

In my eyes….  Being badass just means being the best version of yourself.  It means making mistakes and learning from them.   It means owning (and loving) who you are,  faults and all!   I’ll admit… that is something that I’ve struggled with in the past.  (hell- I still do!)   I tend to be too hard on myself.   And that is one reason why I LOVE working with senior gals.  I hope to, if nothing else, to help them see for themselves the wonderful person and beautiful souls that they are.   I want everyone walking away feeling like the rockstar that I know they are.

Erin and I put together a senior rep program that focuses more on having fun and connecting with one another, rather than just asking the girls to send referrals our way.   We hope to develop relationships with each of these girls.  To be friends, comrades,  and someone else they can trust.    This is what we want.  Relationships.  Friendship.  Trust.

So to start… we all gather at the salon for some pampering, laughs and just hanging out.    Then we ventured over to Margaritas for some yummy food… only to be picked up by our Driver Rick!  From there we rocked out to some tunes (well tried too… I couldn’t get the radio to fully work! haha).   Finally, we ended up at the Cathedral of the Pines for some fun photos.   It is at this time that we provide a little “mini session” of each girl, in addition to some group shots!

So- for the first post… it’s a shout out to all the amazing peeps that came together!  The entire group of Badasses!   (Each in their own way)    For me… I guess my badass self is a Goofy Christian with a Sailors’ mouth…. yep… that’s how I describe myself. LOL  and I Own it! haha)  And we will be learning more about each of the girls soon!!   (I will be introducing them individually very soon!-  which I’m super excited about!)

Until then… you can have a quick glimpse into our So totally amazing (and cold!) senior shout out 2018!


Wanna see the 2017 Annual Color War? 

Below-  Meet Sarah!   She is now officially one of my 2018 Kcrew Reps!

Below is Ashlyn!!  She is one of my 2017 Kcrew Reps who I have grown to love dearly!  (once a kcrew always a kcrew!)

Below-  Meet Caitlin!  Badass Kcrew Rep 2018

Below Meet Sam!  My amazing friend Sam and 2018 Kcrew Rep!

Below-  Meet Rick!  Our AWESOME Limo Driver and Badass Extraordinar !

More to come!




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