Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot

When you hear the term- Bohemian Inspired photo shoot- what does that mean?  Well according to Wiki How’s article titled “How to have a Bohemian Style Wardrobe” states…  “The Bohemian style often referred to as “boho” or “boho chic”. It is a style of dressing that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s.   And because the essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics, we wanted to stick to the same “guidelines” for our session.

We did our best to keep this Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot simple and carefree.  Our props only consisted of a beautiful wildflower bouquet from OmniFlora Farm,  and a fun bright tapestry.    It was the perfect combination of that allowed us to capture the Bohemian essence beautifully.

Meet Alicia…

When my friend,( Mike of Mike Sears Photography ) set up this awesome Bohemian Inspired photoshoot,  I was so excited!!  Additionally- I got to meet this amazing woman named Alicia!   Alicia is going to get images from both of us- each featuring our own editing styles.  Mine Light and Airy… while Mikes is a tad darker and moody which truly showcases authentic emotion in every photo he makes.

Alicia is an up and coming model with The New England Models Group, and has can be seen in several commercials and big screen movies!  (Like the Live By Night Movie and The new “I feel Pretty” )   Not only is she unbelievably beautiful- she is incredibly talented, fun and down to earth, which made her the perfect model to help us showcase the Boho-Chic theme.

Getting to hang out with her was a treat for sure!   Alicia’s Career is only beginning, and I’m excited to see where it takes her!

Light and Airy Bohemian Session

I wanted to incorporate my exclusive Light and Airy style while still incorporating that classic Bohemian Inspired feel.    We had beautiful light as the sun set over the hill.  It was the icing on the cake to help make these light and airy images.


Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot showing a girl wearing a black flowered dress and playing with a bright red wrap. Boho inspired photo shoot showing a girl in a black flowered dress running in a field of green grass. Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot showing a girl wearing a black flowered dress in a field with green grass. Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot- showing a girl holding a red decorative wrap as it flows in the wind. Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot

Light and Airy

Boston wedding photographer of K. Lenox Photography shoots light & airy images throughout Boston and beyond in her exclusive, elegant style.  Please contact me to learn more !!  I can’t wait to hear from you!!


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Light and Airy, Bohemian Inspired Photo Session | K. Lenox Photography

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