Gone are the days of DVDs and CDs. And as technology advances, we photographers need to keep up with the times. And the Folks over at USB Memory Direct understand this. But first… a quick side note.

Print Those Photos

There’s no question, Making Prints is the number one way to preserve your memories. And to ensure that your precious story gets passed down through the generations, you should print your photos through a reputable lab. This ensures they will stand the test of time.

In addition to printing your photos… you should also back up your files to multiple locations.

  • USB Flash Drives
  • The Cloud

Uploading to the Cloud is a wonderful backup option to keep your memories safe. However, I also suggest having a hard copy of your files on hand as well. And that’s where USB Memory Direct Comes in

Engraved Wooden USB from USB Memory Direct.

USB Memory Direct

Now, this advice isn’t only relevant to photos. (But being a wedding photographer, that’s what I focus on. haha) You should back up any important information. And USB Memory Direct offers a variety of fun ways to do just that!

From Cute custom-designed flash drives to the standard ones… they offer a quality product. Not only do they have the standard USB… but they also make the newer USB-type C versions too. (Which is now a necessity for Apple Users)

USB Memory Direct Wooden and Engraved Flash Drive

Do I Recommend USB Memory Direct?

The Short answer… YES. The Long answer… Yes, I do! (that’s my poor attempt at being funny. LOL)

Seriously though, if you have any cool ideas for flash drives that you want… they will listen to your visions, and then craft a completely unique USB just for you. If that’s not an amazing experience of top-notch customer service… I don’t know what is. I’ll be ordering more for sure, and as I re-configure my wedding collections… USB’s are sure to be a part of them. 🙂

Preserve your Memories | USB Memory Direct

USB Memory Direct Wooden Flash Drive

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