The Power of Print Part II | Why Digital Files

Why are digital files so expensive.

Why Digital files?


I ( just a little ole’ Keene professional photographer) recently wrote a post talking about why we should print our images.   ( You can read more about that write-up HERE )    But- just for a re-cap I mention some reasons and rationale’s as to why we should be printing our memories.   The funny thing is, though the older I get, and the more experience I gain, not only as a photographer, but also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend…. the more important it is becoming.

Before I get too much deeper into this post,  I want to assure you that yes… I do offer digital files.   I do.  But… offering only digital files is actually a disservice to my awesome clients.  (I’ll explain why in a little bit)  And because of this-  I will not be selling digital files without some sort of professionally printed memories to go along with them.     The more I’ve thought about this, the more I come to the same conclusion.   I care too much.   And with this new addition-  you get more for your money, and I’m doing my job as a photographer!  Win-Win!Digital Files from K. Lenox Photography

Why Print Your Photos?

I wasn’t always a photographer, though-  before diving into this full time I was a nurse. I LOVED the nursing field, but I still felt like something was missing.   Being with people as they passed on,  surrounded by friends and family and PHOTOS,  that made me realize just how important photographs are. You see- many of my patients would bring photos in to decorate their rooms, and to bring joy to an otherwise dismal situation.  I got to see what, these now fragile, yet wise, beautiful people were like back in the day.  How young and full of life they once were.   I was able to see pictures of these precious lives-  in their prime.  But most of all-  I witnessed the light in their eyes when they looked at these images, reliving those moments all over again.   I could cry thinking about it.

You see-photography isn’t about capturing perfection.  It’s about capturing the moment.  It’s about being able to pass on your story.  Your beautiful story. Your perfectly imperfect story.

The truth of it is really this.   At one point or another, people pass on.     Leaving loved ones behind.   But… with artisan photography, those precious memories are preserved.   Being able to pick up a photograph.  Hold it in your hands,  and reminisce… It’s priceless.   Sure-  looking at an image on a computer screen is fine and dandy-  but computers and technology are ever changing.   Holding your memory in your hands…. they begin to hold a whole new value.

I am a boutique photographer.  What does that mean? Well to me it means that I aim to offer an experience, not just a photo session.  I offer the preservation of memories, not just pictures.    My goal isn’t just “take’ pictures… but to make them.    I don’t do this alone, though-     It’s truly a team effort.   My couples/ seniors + myself….. it’s together that we make these images.   And the result is amazing!

Digital Files- why selling those alone is a disservice?

So why is offering digital files alone a disservice?  (And this is only my opinion for which I understand not everyone will share the same beliefs- and that’s okay. )  But… there is no guarantee with digital files.  ( You can read a little more about digital files HERE)   How will they print?  Or, a better question to ask is… WILL they ever get printed?  Life is so hectic and chaotic,  I totally get it!   I’m not judging here… because I’m guilty of it too.  VERY GUILTY.   Life is hectic and I’m saddened to admit that …. ahem… I …  I STILL haven’t printed my own wedding pictures!   And what is even sadder yet… now we can’t find the disk!   So I speak from experience here when I say the chances are pretty good that they (digital images) are going to stay cozy in their virtual home (aka Online gallery)  OR gather dust in a desk drawer.     (Despite the best intentions- it is what it is. Right?)

So… The Big Changes?

I’m very proud of the quality of prints and products that I offer.  I use the most awesome professional print labs that offer heirloom quality- that way I know that members of my K. Lenox Photo family are getting nothing but the very best.  Because your memories deserve nothing less than that.  But… when those purchase only the digital files, they really aren’t getting my best.   🙁    (Because of 1.  I can’t guarantee print quality elsewhere and 2.  your precious memories may not get printed. )

Sooooo From here on out, any and all digital file purchases will include:

  1. An online gallery that utilizes the cloud and will be live for 1 year  (no change here)
  2. A Hand-Crafted Linen photo box w/a personalized USB…   (I have pictures below!!)
  3. (25) 4×6 professional deep Fuji Matte Prints.
  4. unlimited printing rights to digital files.  (print quality cannot be guaranteed, though)

This way-  your not only getting the digital files for archiving, and an awesome online gallery for sharing….  you will automatically get 25 professionally prints, so if you never make a single print of your own (despite your best intentions)… you have at least those few prints.   And those few prints will be AWESOME!


And… What about the Prints

All gift-sized prints (8×10 and smaller AND ordered directly through me… not your cloud-based gallery)  will arrive mounted to single weight matboard.   (All prints 11×14 and larger will continue to be mounted to foam board. )  What does this mean?  Well… even gift-sized prints will showcase the high-end presentation they deserve.   Good news too!  There will be no increase in price at this time!  Whoohoo!  🙂      So.. when you invest in professional photography… you are truly getting what you’re paying for.  An amazing experience and the same high-quality products, only now even better!  Whoohoo!

Other products?

I offer products that are classic and timeless.   Product offerings include:

•Custom designed wedding and session albums Wedding Albums)

•Canvas Gallery Wraps  (and custom wall collections!)

•Mounted Prints

•Exclusive discount with Basic Invite   (you can read a little more about my partnership with them HERE)


Thank you for reading!!



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