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Print Your Photographs

Why it matters.

Why is it important to print your photographs? Let me help explain.

Photography is an extremely powerful art form.   I mean… photography literally freezes time.   So why wouldn’t we print our most precious memories?    Whether you’re a photographer or a regular ole’ Joe Schmoe with an iPhone… you should be printing your images.

Let me set the scene for you.   (This is a true story too!!)   This past summer I was hanging out with my besties Jess and Erin up at Stone Pond.    My kids were running around.  Erin’s girls were putting up with my boys.   Jess’s furbaby Holly gave my dog Tucker a run for his money.    Leslie, Renee, Carmen were all there too.  We had a blast!   As we were lounging in the massive floating kingdom of awesomeness,   (AKA- Erin’s floating raft) my phone decided to take a quick skinny dip. (and I mean like nanoseconds)    And wouldn’t you know it… no amount of rice would bring it back.   Everything was gone.   Good news-  I got a new phone!  Bad news…. I lost all my pictures.  (Thank goodness for Family Sharing… because all the pictures that Jess took we have access too!  YAY!)

Older generations are able to pull down a box of old family photographs and reminisce.  Us… we pull up  FB or Instagram and re-live all our memories there.   Kinda sad huh?

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We live in a digital age so I totally understand why all of my clients ask if I offer high-resolution digital files.  And before I get too far into my case for printing your photos, let me assure you that yes, I DO offer digital files.  But before I burn and turn those digital files over to you I feel compelled to remind you…

1. If there is a photograph that is important to you, that you would be devastated to lose forever, have it printed.

2. Professional prints are much higher in quality and are made to last for generations.

3. Prints ordered directly from your professional photographer are more thoroughly edited and are triple checked for distractions, flaws etc.


Having a printed photograph – whether a framed print, canvas, album, or even a set of proofs – gives you extra insurance when…

1. Technology is changing at an incredibly rapid rate. Can you imagine handing your kids a floppy disk of your wedding photos?!  Would they know what to do with it?  I imagine it’ll get stored away in a box in the basement.

2. Hard drives fail. Online galleries expire.  DVD’s will get damaged. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. Even with everything backed up, it’s possible for multiple copies to become damaged in an accident. We’re taking a gamble every time we store our photos using technology.

So, yes, backup files in multiple formats, on multiple devices, and store them in multiple places. But then, make sure you also print the photos that mean the most to you! Because…

Photographs- Why print


3. Physical keepsakes have longevity. A print, wall portrait, or album that is archivally printed and properly cared for can be passed down for generations!  We naturally cherish, protect & treat prints and albums very carefully because we take pride in passing them down.

4. Your children & grandchildren will be enthralled with your printed photos!  Just like we are when we look at our grandparent’s black & white wedding portraits!  Best part?  No complicated conversion process in order to access them.

5. Displaying our photos is a daily reminder of the people & moments in our lives we’re most grateful for. Did you know studies show that when children see portraits of themselves displayed at home it boosts their self-esteem?  And as we get older, life seems to moves faster and faster, so taking a moment to remember what and who we’re doing this all for becomes really important. A big wall portrait hanging above your couch gives you a reason to stop, take a breath, and smile after a long day at work.

Photographs- Why print

In our digital age, there isn’t anything special about sharing a picture online.  Do you really want to post your beautiful new portraits online (where they’ll almost instantly become a needle in a haystack), then proudly display them in your filing cabinet? I didn’t think so ????

Available products

A few of the products that I offer here at K. Lenox are mounted photographs (prints), canvas, and albums.   I keep my offerings very simple and classic.     All prints 11×14 and larger come mounted and ready to frame.   (Available papers are E-lustre, Metallic and, my absolutely new favorite…. Deep Fuji Matte! )  I have samples… so no fret!  When you see the quality of these photographs, you will start to understand the value that they hold.   They are priceless.

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