This was certainly a special day for Kayleigh and Kevin. A blended family together for over 4 years… they were finally able to make it official, with a simple wedding at the Seacoast Science Center!

As you will read below, they wanted a beach wedding, but thanks to COVID, their Florida wedding plans were put to a halt. That said… this wedding was meant to happen, and it was perfect in every way.

Kayleigh and Kevin

These two are my kind of peeps. Down to earth and pretty easy going. I was stoked that they reached out to me to document their Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center.

Spending time with their friends and family was a treat for me. They are fun, sweet, and full of life. So why don’t we just get to the good stuff… Words from the couple themselves. (With the photos sprinkled through of course! LOL)

Bright and Airy photo of a woman with a little boy.
A bride twirling in her wedding dress.  Light and Airy photo.  Bridal bouquet.

How did you guys meet?

We went to school (middle school) together. At that point, We were more acquaintances. Fast forward to our adult years, my best friends (Amanda & Emeit) Moved down the street from him. Kevin helped them move into their home. 

A few years later, Kevin reached out to me on FB, we started talking and have been dating since. Still living two houses down from our best friends and their kids 🙂 

Tell us about your first date!

First date – We went to see the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie with the above best friends. It wasn’t awkward, it was fun. I’m not sure if that’s the best movie to pick for a first date! LOL but here we are 🙂 

How did he propose?

FOUR years ago! June 25, 2016, Kevin & I went on a tubing/camping trip down the Saco River with his siblings. 

He proposed on one of the beaches along the river when we stopped for lunch. EVERYONE knew it was planned, even those back home patiently waiting for the outcome! 

Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding ceremony at the Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding Seacoast Science Center

What was your favorite moment of the day?

My favorite was walking down the aisle and seeing Kevin looking all fancy (that doesn’t happen frequently) he’s usually covered in dirt or concrete. 

What surprised you about your wedding day?

It turned out to be PERFECT! From a storm brewing that went the opposite way, the breeze was nice and we didn’t swelter in the heat! Everything worked out. 

I also had a lot of help from family with setting up and pick up- I’m so happy it all came together. My aunt even ordered us champagne bottles that were personalized for the ceremony (we weren’t able to use due to alcohol restrictions at the site) We’ll use them next year at our BBQ celebration. 
Also- Kevin and I get to have a HONEYMOON when this pandemic is over. As my Mom & Step Dad got us an all-inclusive sandals vacation to Jamaica!

Wedding Seacoast Science Center

What advice would you offer other couples planning a wedding?

It’s not about luxurious things or all the small details (even though it feels that way). People are more there to celebrate you and your ceremony. The extras are just that, extras! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just being present is really all that is needed. 

Describe your Wedding Vision

I never really had a huge vision, as it felt like it took years for it to actually happen. With the birth of Brecken putting it off the first time, then the pandemic halting it again- we tried to stick to our beach idea with a small ceremony. I’m thankful for stumbling across the Science Center and the fact that they allowed weddings for a decent price. It ended up equaling out to still having that beach wedding with few people. 

Tell us about your dress!

My dress is from Alexandra’s Boutique in Fall River Mass. 
I bought my dress 4 years ago, knowing I was just barely pregnant we sized up a bit to make sure it would fit. 

Its ivory, lace with buttons down the train (that’s what sold me) with an attached belt (we added separately) 

Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center in NH.
Wedding Seacoast Science Center

What do you both do for a living?

I do home daycare currently and occasionally Nursing Assistant work on the side. Kevin owns and runs a landscaping business. 

Anything else that you would like to share?

Kevin is known to have bad luck to the point that one year his plow truck broke down. The tow truck came to tow him back to the shop and the tow truck BROKE DOWN! THIS is Kevin’s luck!! HAHA 

I’ve spent the last month or so waiting for something to come up to make this wedding not happen (again) LOL Because it’s just our luck.
The night before we were supposed to leave to head to Hampton, Brecken ended up sick with a fever, runny nose, etc. I mean now is not the time to have those symptoms with a pandemic happening. Turns out he just had an ear infection, and after a trip to the walk-in we were on our way to the house we rented. 

We arrived (my brother, sister-in-law, Brecken and I) and I locked my keys in my car! (With the wedding cake inside) Triple-A came, unlocked the car (which was a chore in itself) and everything from that point on went perfect! 

Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Cute little flower girl wearing a teal and white dress next to the bridesmaids wearing black.

And from the couple…..

Kevin and Kayleigh are finally married!

Seacoast Wedding bride and groom on rocks next to the water.
Bride and groom on their wedding day walking hand in hand.
Bird flying in the sky
Bride gets scooped up by her new husband.
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Romantic photo of a bride and groom kissing on the rocks overlooking the ocean after their seacoast wedding
Wedding Seacoast Science Center
Bride and groom walk on the rocks near the ocean at the Seacoast Science center after their wedding
Silhouette of a man and woman at dusk while at the beach



Venue: Seacoast Science Center // Hair & Makeup: Kelly Dunton from Hair Spa in Keene // Flowers: Wooden Bouquets from Southern Blooms // Cake: Eat More Cake

Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center

Bright and Airy photo of a bride and groom on the rocky shore just outside the Seacoast Science Center.

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