What Makes a BadAss Bride?

A lot of planning goes into your wedding day.  Before you know it, your big event is will be here! And the question we are all wanting to know: What kind of bride will you be?

  • Will you be the Free-Spirited Bride? You know- Someone who is looking to set the tone as relaxed at her wedding. They enjoy living in the moment. Typically, she is fun-loving and isn’t afraid to express her ideas and goals. Anything might go, as long as you see it as an expression of love and self. She does not just love. She loves unconditionally. (hint… the Free-Spirited Bride can also be badass)
  • How about more of a Princess bride? And I’m not necessarily referring to the iconic movie, or to a theme or “feel” of a wedding, But rather a Bride who needs to be pampered and doted on hand and foot. Put on a pedestal for a day? (Or the entire wedding planning time- lol?) Someone who is only thinking about themselves. They will get what they want even if it means others will be uncomfortable. (hint… not a badass bride)
  • Do you think you will fall victim to the inner demons that possess you as the dreaded “Bridezilla”?!? You know, someone who embraces the “my -way -or -the -highway” kind of attitude. (Please no!) (Definitely not Badass)


will you be a BadAss Bride?

As you may have picked up on…. being a badass bride has little to do with the type of wedding you want, and more about who you are as a person.

What Makes a Bad Ass Bride
Nellie and Stefani! Two BadAss Brides

What is a badass?

What exactly do I mean by “badass”?    Well… it doesn’t mean biker chicks who have been arrested.  It certainly doesn’t mean being bitchy to others just to make yourself look “cool” or feel better about yourself.  It doesn’t mean demanding everyone’s attention AT-ALL-TIMES.


  • If you’ve been in trouble but can own up to making a mistake… now that’s badass!  
  • Perhaps, you failed at something, only to keep trying harder… that’s badass!
  • If you’ve stood by a friend through thick and thin… that’s BADASS
  • If you had a poor self-image- but you are working on loving yourself more-  BADASS!
  • It’s putting yourself through school, earning a degree while living your day to day lives.


It means making mistakes and learning from them.  Being Badass means apologizing when it’s necessary. It means owning (and loving) who you are,  faults and all!   Being badass means forgiving yourself, and others. It means having the confidence to know what you want- with compassion and the confidence to let others know.

Now, What is a BadAss Bride?

You’ve heard my overall definition of “Badass”. So now, let’s explore one step deeper. What makes a Badass Bride?

I love Badass brides! And because I love authenticity, and being real… I love all badass people. Quirks and all.


Here’s My Answer: When a Bride (or groom) is confident enough to embrace what is most important to them, while still showing compassion for your loved ones…. that makes a Badass Bride!


{You do you boo}” +

{kindness + graciousness + consideration} +

realistic expectations

= BadAss Bride

What Makes a Bad Ass Bride
Dancing in the rain on their Wedding day- Wearing an Orange Wedding Gown…. YES…. Felicia is BADASS!

I’ll Explain:

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding is hard. Then when the to-do list becomes overwhelming, + you don’t know what actually makes a difference at your wedding, + there are too many opinions coming your way,  (Shit- everyone has an opinion these days.)

  • Do this
  • Don’t do that
  • Get this
  • Don’t get that
  • Invite them
  • But Don’t invite these guys
  • Get these 10,234 family formals
  • Invite the third cousin twice removed from your father’s boss’s family.
  • Don’t do a first look
  • Do a first look
  • Toss that bouquet
  • Don’t toss it
  • Have the dollar Dance
  • Don’t have the dollar dance
  • Wear your hair up
  • No.. wear it down
  • Get the Raspberry filled cake…
  • No… don’t get cake. Uncle Joe is Gluten Free… and Aunt Nancy is Vegan…. Nephew Billy can’t have sugar.
  • Don’t get Steak because Aunt Betsy is Vegetarian. Perhaps you should offer Tofu?

All of this being thrown at you, and you find yourself fighting back your inner bridezilla…. BUT…. because you’re awesome… instead, you have a glass of wine, take a few deep breaths, do a little yoga, go for a run… call your awesome photographer (Me) to vent! So you may have your “bridezilla” moments… but that doesn’t make you a bridezilla.

Buuuut… but. but. . .

Let’s just say you do… {you know… lose your cool on a friend}? It’s Okay! We’ve all been there. What makes you badass is that you own it. You ALLOW yourself to embrace what you’re feeling. If you’re a badass bride you apologize, forgive yourself, and move on. Oh.. and that means that whoever was on the receiving end of your temporary madness forgives you too… because they are also BADASS. Right? Right!

When is it okay to take the advice of others?

I’m not suggesting to NEVER listen to the advice of others. That would be silly. Rather, I’m just encouraging you to stay true to the visions of what you guys want as a couple.

So, if you have friends or family members who can offer valuable insight into the crazy world of wedding planning… of course! Consider their advice! I’m just suggesting that you stay true to who you are as a couple… and don’t shy away from what’s important to you both… on this occasion.

PRO TIP: Advice from Professionals that offer the logistics of timing and such is crucial to stick to as well. ( They do know what is needed to give you what you want, so it’s best to strongly consider listening to the wedding professionals you hire.) You are paying a pretty penny for their experience and so I’m hoping you trust they have YOUR best interests at heart.

All the other fun stuff needs to be what you want. Colors, themes, invitations, guest list, cake, dances, etc… all those pieces need to speak to who you are as a couple, and what feeling/mood/type of wedding YOU want.

My goal for every couple is that they have the wedding of THEIR DREAMS! Every bride (and groom) should have a wedding celebration that is totally them. (whatever that means to them)

Do you see my point?

Just remember- It’s okay to not take the advice of EVERYONE who offers it to you. Appreciate their kind gestures, acknowledge their love and graciousness. But when it comes down to it… you need to do what’s right for you, and your wedding day visions.

A Recap. What is a BadAss Bride?

Well, she graciously listens to all the advice that’s thrown at her, but has the confidence to embrace what’s most important to her, while not being rude, and maintaining a sense of compassion.

So again, that means:

“It’s okay to NOT take the advice of everyone who offers it to you. Appreciate their kind gestures, acknowledge their love and graciousness. But when it comes down to it… you need to do what’s right for you.”

Boom! You are One Badass Bride.

I have so many couples who are each a badass in their own way. I wish I could share them all here. But for now… I’m just hoping that each of you reading this, can have the confidence to be the badass bride I know you are.

P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever said “Badass” as much as I have in this post! hahaha.

Bad Ass Bride What Makes a Bad Ass Bride
Christine- a Badass K. Lenox Bride

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