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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

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Getting asked to be someone’s best man is truly an honor. And you don’t want to dull down the importance of this title by ignoring all sorts of wedding preparation tasks and wedding duties. Of course, your role is to have fun at the wedding and show just how happy you are for your friend who’s getting married, but being a best man is so much more than that. At least it is for those of you interested in being the best best man ever.

1. Organize the Best Bachelor Party

One of the biggest duties you’ll have as the best man before the actual wedding day is to organize a bachelor party that your soon-to-be-married pal will absolutely love. Now, his preferences are crucial here. You can’t think about yourself and things you’d love. This is his party and you want to organize it with his own style in mind.

Of course, if your friend openly enjoys traditional forms of bachelor parties with booze, dancing, embarrassing costumes, etc. feel free to give it your all to make the most out of it. But if you know that your friend would prefer something different, such as a camping trip or a game night, make sure to cater to his wishes the best you can.

2. Be There for Your Friend

As a groom-to-be, your friend is probably delighted but also very stressed out from all the wedding prep. And as his best friend and best man, it’s important that you show your affection by being there for him when he needs to vent or work out something like his ring size.

Listen to his worries and difficulties he may be facing with some aspects of the wedding preparation so that you can provide appropriate reassurance, and maybe even offer some helpful advice on the matter at hand. Even if he’s not the one to complain, make sure to check on him and see how he’s doing.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

3. Give the Support When Needed

When you’re offering to help, do so with honest intentions to actually do something for your friend and lighten the burden of tasks and responsibilities at least a little bit. So instead of just vaguely saying that you’re there if he needs you, be more specific and assertive. Let’s say you live in Chandler AZ but your friend’s closest family may be at Gilbert or Mesa; organize the transport for them! Tell him openly that you’ll pick his suit and shoes, or that you’ll look for the best barber shop in the Chandler area to make an appointment or find inspiration.

Offer to wait for his other relatives at the airport, or take the time to help him choose the vines and appetizers that are going to be served at family dinners or even the wedding day. Your input and actions will speak the loudest when it comes to being the best best man ever.

4. Get Ready for Anything and Everything

To earn the title of the best best man ever, you need to work for it. Hopefully, there won’t be any need for emergency actions during the wedding, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. That said, make sure to form an efficient team with the groomsmen and bridesmaids so that you can together make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Make sure that you have an emergency kit ready, with mints, pins, wet wipes, pain killers, and indigestion pills ready. You might even make a copy of the groom’s speech and keep it on you, just in case.

Stay on top of things by managing the schedules of catering services and music. Also, if there are different diet choices available or there’s an allergy concern for some of the dishes, make sure that everything is clearly labeled and presented. Imagine potential problematic situations that could arise and work out how you would help solve them in case something like that really happens.  

5. It’s Time for the Speech

As the groom’s best man, you’ll be expected to deliver a speech. This is the moment that can earn you the title of the best best man for good. The speech is a difficult equation to master, as you need just enough of jokes and slightly embarrassing stories about the past paired well with some emotional, if not tear-jerking moments, all wrapped up in a bow of new life with a focus on the groom and his bride.

So, even though you should mention both you and your friend at the beginning, make it a point that this speech is not solely about your young days but also about the love that he and his partner share. Of course, those jokes and embarrassing stories should be funny to everyone – not awkward and uncomfortable.

In the end, it’s your duty to be the soul of the party! Have fun, dance, urge others to join you, make sure everyone has their drinks, and have a true blast as the groom’s best man so that you can be the last one standing once the night comes to its end.

- Erin K

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