Keene Fall Engagement Session

Kristin + Josh

Kristin and Josh-  I don’t even know how to begin.   I LOVE these two!   I knew from the consultation that I was going to be very lucky if they chose little ole’ me as their wedding photographer.      Have you ever met people who you like instantly?  Well… this is one of those cases.   Kristin is one of those girls who are genuine and true.  She’s fun and lively.   And Josh… well he’s just awesome.    (and he has an amazingly handsome smile- which we were able to capture during our session- It’s funny- because below Kristin talks about how he can make her laugh… well it’s safe to say that She makes him laugh  and smile too… those big whole hearted genuine smiles that come from within.  That says something special about them as a couple.

Going back a few months-  Kristin and I met for drinks after work.  What a nice way to unwind.  Drinks and girl talk with one of my brides turned friends.   There we sat at The Marina in Brattleboro talking about everything,  looking back I realize just how much appreciate that.  It’s the little things that make me happy, and it’s getting to know people like Kris that makes me smile.

We broke our session up into two different days- and the second session I had my kiddos with me.  ( Which I don’t typically do- And admittedly the kids were getting on my nerves due to their behaviors leading up to our session)  However-   Kristin and Josh had a blast with them- and they (the kids) eventually redeemed themselves.   It was really quite fun… seeing Josh play with my boys.   It just all comes back to knowing the kind of couples I want to work with.   Couples who are genuinely nice people who understand the importance of family.  I seriously work with the best couples EVER!


So would you like to know a little more about these two?   Reading their story and learning about who they are, makes the pictures from their Keene Fall engagement session even more unforgettable.

  • We met July 3rd, 2014 when Kristin was visiting Keene with one of her best friends, Mara. She was living in Boston at the time and decided to have a weekend away visiting her old college town. Kristin and Mara were having dinner at the bar of Margarita’s Restaurant when a man tapped Mara on the shoulder and asked her if the two seats next to her were taken. Mara ever so slightly replied, “is that a pick-up line?” The two guys sat down next to Kristin and Mara, the only two open seats at the bar. Those two guys who happened to sit down were Josh and his best friend Matt. After a casual conversation and a few laughs, the guys had left and the girls went out for one last drink. As Kristin and Mara went to the bar to get a drink they happened to turn to see Josh and Matt sitting down! They all ended up staying out way too late and had a little too much fun. At the end of the night, they all parted ways without even so much as exchanging last names. Social media being what it is, both Josh and Kristin found each other online. At the end of the weekend, Kristin finally summed up to courage to send Josh a message, only to find that he had already sent her one hours after they parted ways. The next day Josh invited Kristin to Surry to take a walk to a swimming hole. They talked for hours effortlessly not knowing where things were headed considering he lived in New Hampshire and she lived in Boston.
  • Our first date was at Hampton Beach! A few short days after they met, Josh rode over two hours on his Harley to meet Kristin for lunch. Josh arrived at the beach house Kristin’s family rents every summer and took Kristin for her first ever motorcycle ride up the coast. We stopped for lunch and one of her favorite restaurants where the conversation was just as easy as the week before. The day ended at Bernie’s Beach bar where the date was crashed by Kristin’s parents, which couldn’t have gone better. At the end of the night after a long goodbye, Josh rode his bike back to Surry and the rest is history.
  • We were in Pennsylvania celebrating Thanksgiving with Kristin’s family and friends. Thanksgiving is always a big deal to Kristin. There’s nothing more she enjoys than just being with family and friends in one of her favorite places, so Josh knew this would be the most meaningful place to propose. He didn’t have a specific plan he just carried the ring box in his pocket and waited for the right time. We took a walk to a field away from the house and Josh set up his camera on a tree stand to take a picture, as we always do. anywhere we go. He stalled for a bit then went down on one knee and popped the question…She said YES and the entire event was caught on video. We were then able to share the big news with everyone we love and celebrate a very special Thanksgiving!
  • We guess these aren’t necessarily “quirks” but things that we really love about each other! Kristin – I love that Josh can always make me laugh. Regardless of how I’m feeling or what I’m doing, he always manages to bring laughter into everything we do. It’s one of the things I love the most about him. He brings so much laughter to our relationship and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Josh- It is nearly impossible for Kristin to hide her feelings. When she is excited about something she can’t contain herself. We are polar opposites when it comes to that and it drives her insane, which is also easy to read. She does seem to have the magic effect that breaks me out of my shell and make me smile. We both have been told by several people that they have never seen me as happy as I am now, which I can’t deny.
  • We are SO excited for our wedding day! We are getting married at the end of September at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Stratton happened to be the first wedding venue location we looked at and we both fell in love. The venue has that perfect mountain/rustic feel we were looking for but also a really warm and cozy space. We plan to play off of this theme and really create a timeless and elegant feel. Our colors for the wedding will be all neutrals, whites and a hint of pink. While we are really excited for all of the little touches for our big day; the most exciting is having all the people we love in the same room,celebrating with us! We also have the most amazing photographer who makes everything so easy! She’s also becoming a fast friend, what more could you ask for?!
  • Josh is a firefighter for the city of Keene. Kristin is an economic development project manager in Southeastern Vermont.


Lets take a peek at some of what we captured together! xoxo

KEENE FALL ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Bride and groom to be Keene fall engagement session. Bride and groom new-england-fall-engagement-session-keene-nh-7 Keen fall engagement session- Bride and Groom Keene Fall engagement session- Bride and groom to-be klp_3924-2 klp_3610-2 20161001-klp_3558-2 Keene Fall engagement session 20161001-klp_3762-2 20161001-klp_3845-2 20161001-klp_4048-2 20161016-klp_7572 20161016-klp_7598 20161016-klp_7614 20161016-klp_7630keene-engagement-kristin-josh-0078 20161016-klp_7757 20161016-klp_7835 20161016-klp_7860 20161016-klp_7891 20161016-klp_7913 new-england-fall-engagement-session-keene-nh-3 new-england-fall-engagement-session-keene-nh-4 new-england-fall-engagement-session-keene-nh-6


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Keene Fall Engagement Session | Kristin & Josh

New England Fall Engagement Photography Session

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