Lily’s Senior Photos in West Chesterfield

I love photographing high school seniors!  And here we have Lily’s Senior photos in West Chesterfield!   Senior photos have come a long way since when I was a senior!   No longer are we looking for those static studio portraits.   Today’s seniors are truly hoping to have images made that represent who they are.   With each and every senior that I photograph- I aim to provide images that speak to who they are.  I do not aim for the perfectly posed portrait.   I’d much rather document some personality, where one day when their future kiddos and grandkids can look back and get a sense of who they were when… “They were their age.”

Meet Lily

“The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.”

~Grey’s Anatomy

Noted above is one of Lily’s favorite quotes.  And it’s one that really resonates with me.   We don’t learn from the things we do perfectly- we tend to learn life’s most valuable lessons by the things that happen to us unexpectedly.   Being that this is one of Lily’s favorite quotes really speaks to her inner beauty and strength.   Lily has been through quite a lot already- with the passing of her father a few years back.   It takes strength to carry on… but she has done just that, and she has grown with grace and dignity.   Lily truly is a beautiful soul.

Lily and her family hold a special place in my heart!  Not only is she one of my senior models- but she is also a friend.   Her mom and I are close-  and it’s awesome to be able to have a strong relationship when going into a portrait session. Because of our strong friendship,  Lily has seen many sides of mine.  Goofy, silly, (okay a little tipsy too).  She’s also seen my frustrations.  Being that she has seen my many sides- she was able to open up during her session allowing a perfect environment for authentic images.

So why don’t I share with you a few images from her senior portrait session in West Chesterfield!  Also sprinkled throughout the post are a few questions and answers allowing us to get to know Lily better!



Black and White photo of a girl running and playing with her dog during her senior photos in West Chesterfield. A girl wearing a striped black off the shoulder shirt- poses with her dog for senior portraits in West Chesterfield, NH.

After High School, I hope to attend Becker College as my first choice school, but I would also like to consider the University of Vermont.

I want to major in Veterinary Technology because I’ve always had pets growing up and I can see myself working with all kinds of animals for the rest of my life. Im very passionate about ensuring that all animals are cared for and I really want to make a change in animal cruelty. I want to help rescue animals and help them recover as well as give them a comfortable place to be.

One of my favorite things to do is to go out and be active. I enjoy going on hikes and swimming and I also enjoy traveling and getting to experience new places. For 6 years I have been able to do gymnastics and it is one of my top hobbies to do, as it has made a huge impact on my life.

Black and White photo of a girl running in a field with her dog. Light and Airy Senior photos in West Chesterfield. Black and white photo of a girl posing with her dog for her senior portraits in West Chesterfield. Light and Airy senior portraits taken around the Chesterfield NH area. Black and White candid photo of a high school senior girl playing with her dog. Black and White candid photo of a girl wearing a striped black off the shoulder shirt. Candid Senior Portrait of a girl playing with her hair on the dock at Spofford Lake in NH. Black and White photo of a high school senior girl during her Senior Photo Session in West Chesterfield NH. Senior portraits of a girl wearing a blue dress near Spofford Lake.

Being a gymnast for 6+ years has brought quite a few accomplishments, from jumping class levels after only 6 months of starting, maintaining a 4.0 GPA while having 10+ hours of practice each week, and competing at my high school’s state meet 2 weeks after I sprained my ankle. Gymnastics has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends which are a huge accomplishment for me. As for academics, I try to challenge myself as much as I can when it comes to school, therefore, I have accomplished many challenging classes that I would never see myself taking.

After High School, I’m going to miss all of the school events, including sports games, prom, and Salmagundi (presentation of our yearbook). As well as school events, I’m going to miss being on the gymnastics team and I will miss each of my teammates. On top of the school events and my gymnastics team, I’m going to miss being with my best friends and having classes together.

Candid black and white photo of a girl flipping her hair during a senior photo session in Spofford NH. High School Senior girl wearing a blue dress poses near Spofford Lake in NH for a natural looking portrait. Head shot of a high school senior girl sitting on a dock near a lake. Candid and Black and white photo of a high school senior girl fixing her hair during her photo shoot. Candid photos taken of a high school senior girl on a dock at Spofford Lake in NH.

After graduation, I’m looking forward to my last summer with my best friends and hopefully going on many beach trips and vacations with a few of my close friends. I plan on spending as much time as I can with my family before I head off to college and I’m excited to see the real world.

In 10 years, I see myself as a college graduate, working at an animal hospital, and treating many kinds of animals. I hope to help make a difference in animal cruelty by being involved in animal rescue teams. I also see myself being settled down in my own home with a husband and a few dogs.

Senior portrait taken in West Chesterfield NH of a high school senior girl wearing jean shorts. Black and white photos of a senior portrait in West Chesterfield NH.

One Final Though-  Lily’s second favorite quote

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”

-Max DePree

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