Drakes Island Senior Photos | Wells Maine

Your senior portrait session is a rite of passage.   It’s a time to focus on you and the beautiful young adult that you have grown into.  I absolutely LOVE working with high school seniors, because there are so much excitement and anticipation in their eyes.   Here I have a beautiful beach session that features Drakes Island Senior photos.

With each person I work with-  I want them to walk away from their session with a sense of confidence.  I truly want every young woman I photograph to believe that they are beautiful. I want them feeling incredible… not only looking incredible.  (Though the two do go hand-in-hand) True beauty resonates from within- and that is what I try to bring out in every session.   I do not strive to photograph perfection-  because… Who’s perfect anyway?

Roslyn- Class of 2019

I really enjoyed my time with Roslyn!  She is an impressive young woman who shares an interest in photography!   After graduation- she is considering majoring in Nursing and also possibly studying photography!   Spending time with her on Drake’s Island really allowed us to play with the natural beauty that Well’s Maine offers!   I have to say that I’m jealous of those who get to live in such a beautiful environment!

So why don’t I show you the photos!!!

Landscape portrait of a girl wearing a hat at sunset at Drakes Island in Wells maine. High School senior portrait taken while sitting on the sand/grass on Drakes Island in Wells. Candid and natural portrait of a girl looking over her shoulder while sitting on the sand dunes on Drakes Island Wells Senior portrait taken on Drakes Island in Wells maine of a girl wearing a striped blue and white shirt with White capris. Light and airy senior portrait taken of a girl wearing a blue and white striped shirt on the beach. Close up head shot of a girl with red hair. Drake's Island Senior Photos of a girl wearing white capris,  blue and white striped shirt and holding a straw hat. High school senior portrait of a girl wearing white capris and a blue shirt on Drakes Island in Wells Maine.   K. Lenox Photography Drakes Island senior portraits taken in front of colorful boats on the beach. High School Senior photos taken on Drakes Island- on the shore.   Girl wearing white capris and a straw hat. Detail photo of a girl holding a straw hat on Drakes Island in Wells Maine. Playful and Candid photo of a high school senior on Drakes Island playfully spinning with a hat in her hand. Drakes Island senior portrait of a girl wearing a pink sweater sitting on the rocks. Drakes Island senior portraits taken of a girl walking on a beach wearing a pink sweater and a blue dress. Fun and playful photo of a girl kicking the water on Drake's Island Beach during her senior photo session. Scene photo showing drakes Island at Sunset.  K. Lenox Photography.



Interested in Senior Portraits that are tailored to you?!   Then reach out!!

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Drakes Island Senior Photos | Wells Maine | K. Lenox Photography

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