Toni + Blakes NH Engagement Session in Keene

Guys! I love hanging out with fun people! And I can confirm that these two are FUN!!! This means that I had a blast at Toni + Blakes Summer Engagement session in NH, where we made some light, airy and carefree photos!!!

Anyway- we got all caught up and were able to just relax and chill before heading over to Dort Road for their engagement session.

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are beneficial for so many reasons.  First… it allows us to really get to know each other and to start to really develop a fun-loving, trusting relationship.    It’s also a great way to relax, have fun, and get some amazing portraits of the two of you.  The more relaxed you are on the wedding day, the more natural and beautiful you will look in your photos, and an engagement session will do just that!  Not to mention that we start out snacks and drinks first.   My treat!

We started off with drinks and snacks at the Stage, and had some awesome conversation! (Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to finally be able to socialize again since the COVID pandemic!?)

Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

Toni and Blake

Not only is Toni unbelievably GORGEOUS! She’s so sweet! (And Real) Totally the kind of human that I love hanging with! And Blake…. well, he’s just down to earth and ever so chill. (And quite good looking as well!) Together these two make one beautiful, fun-loving and goofy couple! To say that I had fun with these guys would be a total understatement!

We were able to capture a lot of fun, light and airy engagement photos that showcase their personalities.

Wanna see? Okay- dive on in to read more about these two and see their photos!!

Black and White photo of a Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene
Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

How did you guys first meet?!

Blake and Toni met back in 2015 during a night out in Keene, NH. Toni was visiting one of her friends and Blake happen to be friends with Toni’s friend’s boyfriend at the time.

Tell us about your First Date.

Toni was living in Chelmsford, MA and Blake were living in Keene, NH. Blake drove all the way to Chelmsford one night to take her out to dinner at 110 Grill. The date was a lot of fun and lasted several hours (pretty sure we closed the place haha). Blake and Toni stayed in touch for a year and a half but felt dating long distance would be really tough. Toni ended up buying a condo in Nashua which was a little closer to Blake so he offered to help her with renovations, slowing making his way back in her life. Blake chased Toni for several months and finally realized how strongly they felt for one another. Their love for one another was undeniable and eventually started dating exclusively in May 2017.

Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

How about the Proposal?

A week before the proposal, Blake asked Toni if she wanted to go on a walk at Bensons Park in Hudson, NH. Toni thought it was a little weird that Blake was making a plan a week in advance since he’s not a planner. Blake had secretly bought a ring and had it all planned out so it would be special. It was going to be something we would never forget. Blake decided to ask her on Halloween. The plan was there but the execution was very last minute because that is how Blake rolls haha. He took off the day and scrambled around to buy pumpkins. Which is the hardest thing in the world on Halloween day! Then he had to carve them to say “will you marry me?” It was a scramble, but he pulled it off. Blake went ahead to the park and set it all up with the help of Toni’s brother. She was so surprised, and she said yes! It was such an incredible moment and a day we will never forget!

A Diamond halo engagement ring.
Man and Woman walking hand in hand during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

What do you do for fun as a couple?

We own Copper Cannon Distillery and often spend a lot of weekends there. We love to travel once or twice a year, take our dog Cannon on trails, spend time with family and friends, go to breweries and golf. Our very first vacation together was to Costa Rica and it was the best experience of our lives. We spent several days at the beach and then took a road trip into the rain forest where we stayed in a bungalow and chased waterfalls. That trip really brought us closer as a couple!

Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene
Man and Woman walking hand in hand during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

What are some hobbies you each have?

Blake is probably one of the most ambitious people out there! He works full time as an aerospace engineer and owns a distillery in West Chesterfield, NH. He also loves to go fishing and spend time with our dog Cannon.
Toni loves sports, staying active, going to concerts, getting together with family and friends, golfing and spending time with Cannon and Blake. She also enjoys red wine and craft beer!

Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

Does either of you have funny quirks or habits that drive the other nuts? haha

Toni is an Event Manager so she is a planner and very detail oriented. Blake is very go with the flow, last minute type of person and it drives Toni nuts!
Toni is always on Blake’s butt about getting things done and this definitely gets on his nerves.

Man and woman goofing around.  Woman on mans shoulders during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

How are the wedding plans coming along?

We have a lot of the major vendors booked. We booked the venue, obviously the photographer (LOL), videographer, florist, DJ, hair and makeup, wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Next steps is finding a JP or Officiant, cake/dessert, groomsmen attire and save the dates! Everything seems to be coming along nicely but adding up pretty quick! The biggest stressor right now is the room block and figuring out who should stay in which house the weekend of the wedding.

Man and Woman laying in the grass during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

As a couple who is currently planning their wedding, do you have any advice?

Enjoy the engagement! We set a date a year and half away so we could enjoy our engagement and give us extra time to plan. We didn’t want to feel rushed and wanted to pick the vendors that were the best fit for us. Save money monthly! This has helped significantly. Any extra money we received we put into a wedding fund.

Close up of an engagement ring during a  NH Engagement Session in Keene

Describe your Wedding Vision

We are going with a rustic wedding theme. We are getting married at the Grafton Inn, Grafton, VT. The reason why we chose this place is that you get the entire venue to yourselves for the whole weekend! A majority of our guests will be traveling from afar, so we wanted to make this fun for all and spend a little extra time with everyone. The ceremony will be outside near a small swimming pond, then the cocktail reception will be at the Inn’s barn where guests can mingle in the courtyard outside or go in the barn, after cocktails we will go into the Main Inn for dinner then back out to the barn for dinner and dancing. It’s a little different than your typical wedding where most events are held in the same space.

black and white photo of a Man and Woman hugging during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

What are your professions?

Blake is an Aerospace Engineer and Toni is an Event Manager.

Man and Woman during a NH Engagement Session in Keene

Congratulations guys!!

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