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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

I was so honored when Alyssa from over at Beauty Ambition wrote in offering to write up a guest blog!    She asked what I would like her to write about- but I gave all creative freedom to her!   I LOVE what she came back with!  Although not beauty related,  it offers so much valuable insight into why to Hire a professional photographer for your wedding!

About the Author

Before we head on to her awesome advice-  I would LOVE to introduce her site!   Beauty Ambition was founded in May of 2016 with a vision of:

  • Becoming a trusted website where people can visit and learn to fix their beauty problems.
  • Provide the best beauty advice & skin care.
  • Create a community of beauty lovers willing to help each other.

I read through some of their posts, and you can betcha I’ll be reaching out to them in the future for some more awesome beauty content!

Detail photo of Bridesmaids holding white baby's breath bouquets on a wedding day shot in harsh light.

This image was shot in harsh midday light. Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day is essential to getting amazing images in any light. Good and bad. (This image was technically shot in ” bad light”

As we all know, planning a wedding is no simple task and it’s best to get the bigger details out of the way first. Most people hire a photographer to create those special moments, but some feel they don’t see a point. In fact, many people just want to let their friend with an iPhone do it because they think that editing a photograph from a cell phone is easier and less expensive than hiring a professional to do it. If you’re a “Do It Yourself” kind of person, this list will benefit you greatly.

#1. Planned Ahead

As opposed to family snapshots and candid photos, both of which are fun and memorable, but not really appropriate for an event like a wedding. Cell phones and the average digital cameras just won’t cut it. Nothing will be planned and when you’re celebrating your ten year anniversary, you’ll have nothing to show for it, except some amateur shots. Does this sound like the type of photography you want representing your special day? Even for family portraits, the quality of a cell phone just doesn’t match to that of a professional photographer.

#2. No Stress.  This is YOUR day.

It should be fun and stress-free. Sure, you might have to pay for it, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy yourself and living IN the moment rather than CREATING the moment? That’s the job for a photographer! Especially, a wedding photographer. Let somebody else do the work for once. If you’re getting married, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you’ll have decent quality photos, which you won’t if you use a cell phone. Not to mention, pictures will be the last thing on your mind when you’re in the middle of saying, “I do.” Also, your friends will want to enjoy watching your special moments rather than recording them.

Bride and Groom walking hand in hand at the Bedford Village Inn on their wedding day.

#3. Commitment and Assurance

Hiring an amateur can help save money, but you get what you pay for.   If you aren’t paying for professional photographs to be taken on your special day, then you might not get any pictures at all. In other words, friends can flake and stuff comes up. Maybe they can’t make it. Maybe their camera broke or got stolen and they can’t get a new one by the day of your wedding. Just because someone promises to take the pictures, doesn’t mean they actually will, whereas a professional photographer is bound by the contract. You can treat him/her like a business partner at most.

Additionally, You feel more relaxed when a professional is involved. With a friend taking pictures, you’ll find your nerves frazzled and your mind racing with questions about whether or not they’ll remember to take the picture of you at the altar or not. With a professional, you have both assurance and commitment to be there and to take the pictures you want. End of story

#4. Experience

Obviously, high quality and memorable photography are way more than just a good camera or decent editing skills. There’s a reason why they are called “professional photographers,” and that’s because they do this for a living. They know where to place you in which spots, which poses are best for certain locations, how to get the perfect altar shot, etc. Not just that, but the editing equipment they use will, by far, surpass any cell phone that has editing apps. Professional wedding photographers have mastered the art, they are proficient in what they do, and they are highly reliable when it comes to showing up on time. Friends aren’t always reliable. Friends may be somewhat experienced in photography, but your wedding deserves an expert level photographer. It wasn’t made for somebody to begin learning the art of pictures

#5. No Backup Photos

Unless that iPhone can get you physical prints with a digital download link, you won’t have any other options. What if they dropped their iPhone halfway through the ceremony or reception? All the photos they took prior will be gone. Like, GONE. Get it? Non-professionals don’t bring backup cameras. Non-professionals, most of the time, may not even own a REAL camera. With a professional photographer, you have the option of obtaining as many prints as you want or ask if you can have the digital download link, so you can print more if need be. This is probably the biggest reason to hire a professional.

Detail photo of invitation suite by Basic invite

Was this list helpful to you?

This is just a small list of Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding.  Additionally-  I Professional photographers are licensed and insured. No exception. Don’t accept any excuse as to why they aren’t.  I understand that you might be on a tight budget, believe me, I know how tempting it is to hire someone with less experience to save, but when it comes to events like these, the last thing you want is to hire an amateur wedding photographer.

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading!


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- Christine & Christopher

Kris was the calm in the storm that I found wedding planning to be. Kris held my hand, encouraged me and also made me laugh when I didn’t feel like laughing. She is organized, professional and is the absolute best at what she does"

"Kris was the calm in the storm. 

- Anna + Kyle

When our wedding was postponed due to COVID a mere 3 days before our date, she called us immediately and showered us with well wishes...and worked with us to make sure we were able to secure her for our new date in August. 

"I can't say enough positive things!"

- Rebecca + Sean

Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer. . . 

"Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer"

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