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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

About Kris

A couple more than willing to brave the rainy weather forecast, abundant greenery, and loads of fun! That’s Jacqueline and Nate’s engagement session at Alyson’s Orchard for you! The icing on the cake? My associate shooter, Mike Mathers, and I felt like we totally hit it off with these two! We could have sat with them, having drinks all evening! These two are just one of those couples you’re completely “in love” with from the word go. As a photographer, I keep meeting so many new people, and I love interacting with them, getting to know them, and even providing them with the best photography experience possible. I’d call myself fortunate as almost all my couples are so amazing, and spending time with them is a pleasure. However, sometimes I meet people with whom I share the same frequency, and Jacqueline and Nate are two of them. And we LOVED creating their portraits at the gorgeous Alyson’s Orchard. The picture-perfect settings and the easy charm these two people brought to the shoot helped us create some stellar engagement photos together.

Another thing that totally had us was how my couple filled out their questionnaire – it literally had my associate and me cracking up. And there’s no way I wouldn’t share something so intriguing with my readers. So, let’s find out how these two met, how the proposal took place, and how quirky Jacqueline and Nate are around each other. Also, check out the stunning engagement images!

Jacqueline & Nate’s Story

If there ever had to be such a thing as the goofiest couple in town – Jacqueline and Nate would surely walk out as winners. Why? Because the fun and chill vibes they exude are too hard to miss. So how did these two meet? “We met at our summer job in 2013 at Canobie Lake Park. We both worked at the waterpark!” pat came the reply. Talking about their first date, Jacqueline said, “Nate was living in Florida at the time, and he came home for the holidays. While home, he visited me in Boston to see the city during Christmas time. We went to see the lights, got hot chocolate, all the things, but then got food poisoning and had to have his dad come pick him up (LOL!). We had a second first date on NYE in the city, and the rest is history.” Jacqueline and Nate, food poisoning might have spoiled your first date, but at least you guys got to go out on a second first date. I’m just glad that the two of you made up for it the second time around, and how! And honestly, I think that’s what a relationship is all about – making efforts and focusing on the brighter side of things.

Just like my couple’s first date, the story of their proposal is equally amusing. “Nate Proposed!” Jacqueline quipped. “We took our dog, Lucy, for a walk at the Hopkinton State Park, which somehow fell on a day in February that was sunny and 65. We walked across the natural dam; it was too windy to propose on the bridge – so we had to go to the far side in the mud. I gave her a Valentine (gift) with a picture of the night I fell in love with her, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. To capture the moment, I had my little brother dress in disguise (to take photos). He was in such disguise that even I didn’t recognize him (but don’t worry, Lucy sniffed him out),” Nate narrated in one breath. No wonder they say that furballs are friends for keeps! Well, Jacqueline and Nate, I suppose Lucy got an indulgent treat afterward.

Now, since Lucy is a great friend of my couple, hanging out with Lucy is one of the things they love doing together as a couple. The other things they do for fun include “going out to eat, bar hopping with friends, pool days with the family, golfing, watching formula 1 Sunday mornings, and date nights at home (really just spending quality time together).” The couple added, “We love to travel but haven’t done much due to COVID, but that’s top of our list.” Ah! Jacqueline and Nate, we’re so with you on this. The pandemic-induced travel restrictions were such a bummer for most of us.

About the funny quirks and habits that Nate finds adorable or annoying in Jacqueline, the groom-to-be said, “(It’s) Wild how quickly she gets out of bed when the alarm goes off. She accidentally speaks in a British accent when she asks questions and doesn’t realize it. She gets tipsy after only two drinks. Her ability to flip-flop on decisions is incredible; one second she is all in, the next is anxiety.” Oh my god! That’s hilarious, Nate! And the way you’ve put it is rib-tickling. Guess what? We know, after you put that as your answer, Jacqueline would have been super eager to share hers, too, and here’s what she had to say about her man’s quirks, “Concert/Party Nate loves to booty shake, would stay in bed all day if he could (which stresses me out). He plays on the floor with the dog for at least 5 min when he gets home before saying hi to me, oh and he LOVES planes. Once he took me on a date, sunset sail, and instead of looking at the stunning city view from the harbor, we watched all the planes arrive and depart from the airport.” Well, well! Now my readers know why I said you two are so funny and goofy together. And yes, one not-so-secret thing I want to spill here is – this is why I have my couples answer these fun questions. The responses that I sometimes get are pure gold – just like these. Man, let me take a moment to pat myself for this ingenious plan! Hahaha! 

Alyson’s Orchard Engagement Photography

Coming to our photo shoot, like I already said, the weather forecast predicted rains, but these two were still game! And Jacqueline and Nate were so happy and upbeat throughout the session. Their lively personalities and up-for-anything attitude made it all so easy for me. The orchard’s greenery and refreshing surroundings were a bonus and provided me with impressive backgrounds for romantic portraits of my couple. The photos we took near the waterbody also turned out to be stunning! The transparent umbrellas that my couple used to shield themselves from the rain made for fantastic photography props, and creating those under-the-umbrella shots of Jaqueline and Nate was so much fun. I even took photos of the sparkling engagement ring to highlight the reason for this celebration and the photo shoot. And my favorite part of this session was that we didn’t need any serious posing for this lovely couple. It was mainly candid and natural, which we all LOVED. For me, it was such a beautiful day spent with such an adorable couple at an idyllic Alyson’s Orchard. I hope my couple will love their engagement images as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

K. Lenox Photography For Your Special Moments

Jacqueline and Nate, you two are absolute sweethearts, and I loved photographing you as a couple and capturing the bond that you two share into memorable images. It was an honor to know you both, and interacting with you was like chatting with friends amid a green oasis. Also, the photo session with you two didn’t feel like work at all. It was all so breezy. I appreciate the efforts you two put into your dressing and deciding the location for the shoot to make this session count. Honestly, it all went so well with your vibrant personalities. Thank you for choosing me to be your engagement photographer, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Loads of best wishes to the two of you, and I hope you guys tick all the boxes on your travel bucket list that you’ve put on hold for so long, thanks to the pandemic!

To all my lovely readers – hello! If you loved reading Jacqueline and Nate’s story and liked the images I took of them at Alyson’s Orchard, I’ve got more of them for you to check out. You can take a look at the photos from Catherine’s engagement session at Alyson’s. Or you can check out the images from Brian and Kaylee’s wedding and Holly and Jonathan’s elopement. Besides engagements, I do light and airy wedding photography, and if you are looking for something similar, you can contact me right away! If you have questions, drop me an email or call me at (603) 703-2626. To get an idea of what you can expect if you book me, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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