Amanda & Mike’s Light And Airy Engagement Session | Alyson’s Orchard

I’ve photographed so many couples at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, but every time I go there, I come back with a unique set of experiences and a fresh bunch of images! Photographing Amanda and Mike’s engagement session at this gorgeous country-style venue was no different. This expansive and verdurous orchard provided me with awe-inspiring backdrops and incredible views of the rolling hills to photograph my lovely couple. The sparkling pond at the venue added so much more charm to the pictures I took of my couple. All the romantic portraits I created of Amanda and Mike at this idyllic venue turned out to be my absolute favorites, and we had loads of fun during the course of the entire session.

Amanda And Mike’s Story

Amanda is a 4th-grade teacher, and Mike teaches social studies. To know my couple better, learn about their love story, and get an idea of how they wanted their engagement photos to come out, I asked Amanda and Mike a few questions, just as I do for all my couples. The responses my clients share with me help me peek into their personalities, get a sense of the bond they share, and understand their photography vision – and their expectation from me as their photographer. These little details, in many ways, become the cornerstone based on which I create their story. And I’m happy to say that this particular approach worked wonders when it came to weaving Amanda and Mike’s story into evocative images.

When I asked Amanda, the bride-to-be, about her first meeting with Mike, she fondly recollected, “Mike likes to say we met in preschool or high school, but we did not officially meet until 2015. We had a summer job as summer camp counselors! We were placed in the same group and instantly connected. We remained close friends for the next three summers while I finished college and Mike started his job as a history teacher! The summer I graduated, things changed for us.” From high school to now looking forward to starting a new chapter in life together, it’s been quite a journey for the two of you, I’m sure!

About their first date, Amanda recounted, “Our first date was in Newburyport, MA. We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Mike quickly paid while I went to the restroom. Afterward, we walked along the boardwalk and had some ice cream. Both of us were so nervous as we knew we liked one another but didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” The things that these two lovebirds loved about each other? Mike loved the fact that Amanda never used her phone on their date. Amanda loved that Mike planned everything, and he was so easy to talk to. Quite honestly, simple, thoughtful gestures like these go on to make a mark on someone.

Mike proposed to Amanda on August 28, 2021. It was a surprise for her, and this is how she described it to me, “We are both teachers, and the week leading up to school is stressful, long days filled with unpacking, planning, and preparing for the next school year. So I had no clue. Mike had started planning months ago and told this elaborate lie that he would be going to a comedy show for a friend’s birthday. In the days leading up to the event, Mike made sure that I dressed up by mentioning the dress code. We arrived at the parking lot, and Mike rushed me out of the car. We reached the base of a lighthouse (which I didn’t realize at the time), and Mike told me to start climbing this spiral staircase. We reached the top, and I saw this beautiful and intimate lighthouse set up for two people to enjoy lunch. He tells me, ‘Just go outside’ and proposed.” Amanda and Mike, that sounds like one dreamy proposal! Did Mike also break into the song perfect for the setting, “…So shine a light and guide me home”?

Talking about their wedding plans, the couple told me, “The wedding plans are slowly coming along. At this time, we are still 14 months away from the wedding. We have booked our venue, which also includes hotel and food, our DJ, our fabulous photographer, and picked our bridal parties. I have chosen our color scheme and found inspiration for flowers and the smaller details. Amanda is waiting until about a year out to go dress shopping with her mom, sister, Mike’s mom and sister, and her best friends.” Sharing their wedding vision with me, Amanda said, “Our wedding vision is very simple. The focus will be on our beautiful wedding venue with lots of candles and flowers, and my favorite color blue.” Amanda, that’s so classy and romantic!

Besides asking my couple about their love story and their wedding plans, I made it a point to get to know about the funny quirks and habits that they find adorable or annoying in each other. Of course, that’s a part of being together, accepting each other, and growing together. It is also something that spices up a relationship. So, to this, Amanda said, “I love that Mike is a planner. Everything must be planned out or completed immediately. He also loves to debate, which drives me crazy but is one of the things I love the most.” Awww!!! That’s so cute, Amanda.

Mike added, “Amanda can be the least decisive person ever. However, I love that Amanda is always willing to try something new. No matter what I want to try, she is up for it. She does not like to make any decisions, which is perfect because I get to plan.” Well! Amanda and Mike, you two definitely are made for each other – no two ways about it!

Alyson’s Orchard Engagement Photography

Just like my couple’s love story, their engagement session at Alyson’s Orchard was as beautiful! They came up with two different looks for the session that were so well-thought-out and went perfectly with the surroundings. Amanda and Mike hugged, held hands, and exchanged gentle kisses, depicting their love for each other. Their high spirits and bright smiles made our session and the photos all the more livelier. I enjoyed my time with these two and loved creating those light and airy engagement portraits for them. The flowering trees, green fields, and picturesque pond made for excellent backdrops, and my photogenic couple posed so effortlessly in front of the camera. And the level of comfort they had with each other helped me highlight their personalities as well as bring out the essence of their strong bond through photos.

K. Lenox Photography For Your Special Moments

Amanda and Mike, you two are super sweet and a super freakin’ awesome couple that I had the honor of working with. I loved photographing you guys and want to thank both of you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. From your choice of attire to your session venue, I appreciate all the efforts that you two put into this session to make it count. I also want to thank you for sharing the piece of advice that you received while planning your wedding, and I hope other couples benefit from it, just like both of you did. Here’s what you told me, “The best advice we have received is to do what we love. Our family and friends just want us to be happy and will do whatever they can to help us celebrate. Everyone has a lot of opinions, but it is your day so do what you love.” I completely agree with this! Couples should savor every moment of their wedding day rather than stressing over issues that won’t really matter in the long run.

Amanda and Mike, I wish you both a happy wedding planning and lots of visits to breweries, long weekends away, especially in Portland, Maine, just the way you two love it. Also, may both of you bring immense joy in each other’s lives, be it while running errands or watching TV together!
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