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As a photographer, I genuinely believe in the power of unfussy elegance and love it when I get an opportunity to work with couples who embrace the same concept of simplistic beauty. The ease of being on the same page with my clients creates a harmonious understanding between us, which pushes me further to hone my style and fuels my passion for photographing those perfectly imperfect moments. Like author Simon Van Booy said, “Beauty is the shadow of imperfection.” Capturing my couples’ special moments in photos, highlighting their strong bond, and bringing out their personalities through pictures become all the more exciting when we’re all in for some candid moments and lots of fun. And I’m so glad that this is what I experienced again when I did my couple, Hannah and Justin’s engagement photo shoot at the awe-inspiring Alyson’s Orchard. 

Rolling hills, tranquil waterbodies, lush greenery, and gorgeous natural lighting are some of the things I got for my couple’s sunny engagement session at this stunning country-style venue in Walpole. The orchard’s idyllic and true New England landscape mesmerized me once again, even though I’ve photographed many of my engagement sessions at this location. I had such a great time with Justin and Hannah and enjoyed creating all those stunning engagement images. Their daughter, Brielle, who joined in the shoot, added oodles of cuteness and charm to the pictures and was a delight to photograph.

Alyson’s Orchard Engagement Session

The bride-to-be, Hannah, is a hairstylist, and Justin is a self contractor. They had first met in 2015, and together, they hung out a lot afterward. When they both just knew it was time to take the next step, Justin proposed on the 4th of July, with Hannah’s family up from Massachusetts. And the rest is history!

Before the shoot, my couple had told me that together they enjoy the outdoors, which made it easy for me to understand why Alyson’s Orchard came to them as a natural choice for their engagement session. And I’m happy that it did. This gorgeous orchard is rich in history and offers its guests breathtaking views and lovely rustic vibes. Creating romantic and dreamy photos of my couples here has always been a joy for me, and it was no different this time too. The session had such a beautiful rhythm to it, with Hannah and Justin expressing their love for each other by holding hands, hugging, and exchanging kisses, while I wasted no time capturing these soulful moments on my camera. Also, with their super cute daughter accompanying them to the shoot, the session became even more special than it already was. 

I’m not a family photographer, but I like it when couples with kiddos bring them along. They are such a beautiful addition to pictures, and their innocent antics often make for wonderful memories to cherish forever. So, when Brielle showed up for the session with her parents, I was all in for including her in the photos. And so I did. I loved to photograph the little angel as she looked at her parents with admiration, played with the flowers, simply stood beside her parents, or walked hand in hand with them. All of those moments made for such heartwarming pictures and easily made the images look so much livelier. 

Another thing that I really liked was my couple’s choice of clothes for the shoot. It was so wonderful to see Hannah and Brielle dressed in white, while Justin put on a combination of black and white. The shades blended so beautifully with the surroundings and made for eye-soothing portraits. Not to mention the scenic beauty and the abundant verdurous greenery at the orchard doubled up as stunning backdrops. For me, Hannah and Justin’s engagement session was a refreshing and relaxing experience at Alyson’s Orchard, and I’m so glad that we got the images exactly how we had pictured them – sweet, romantic, and striking!

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Hannah and Justin, both of you are so wonderful, and I loved being your engagement photographer. I appreciate the efforts both of you put into making this session count. Be it your attire, the choice of such a fantastic venue, or dressing up your little daughter for the photo shoot, it was all so perfect. Spending time with both of you was a pleasure, and creating your portraits was fun. Hannah and Justin, thank you for trusting me with your engagement photography, and I wish you both a happy wedding planning. I hope you two get the boho, elegant, and fun wedding of your dreams adorned with rustic decor. Also, here’s wishing you both lots of fishing dates and restaurant hopping – just the way you like it.
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