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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

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Vendor Spotlight

Being in the wedding photography industry I get to work with a lot of talented artists!  Whether other photographers, wedding planners, cake artists, or florists,  we all come together as just one small piece to the full wedding team.   We all love what we do- and we put our hearts and souls into every job.  Each vendor has different talents, and styles.  I know that I’m not the photographer for everyone- and that’s okay.  We each of us have our own unique traits that set us apart from our colleagues.  That’s what makes this so awesome.  There is a perfect vendor out there for every couple.   And I like to introduce my readers to those who I have personally worked with and who I feel do a great job!   So Today I want to introduce you to Anjalee and Heaven Hair Gallery salon in Keene NH.

Heaven Hair GalleryChampaign glasses toasting in front of Logo

I first met Anjalee a while back as we worked together on a boudoir shoot!  Man, that seems like ages ago! LOL, It wasn’t long before her fun, crazy personality won me over!   She is just a down-to-earth gal who can and will tell you like it is.   She has had a dream. Her dream is now a reality.  And that reality is Heaven Hair Gallery Salon.

Like any dream-  it didn’t come easy.  There were a few speed bumps along the way.   But that’s okay.  When you have a dream… you just take every bump… every failure and take it as a lesson.  You pick up the pieces and you move forward.  That’s exactly what Anjalee has done- and now she’s in Heaven.

So I thought it would be fun to do a Vendor spotlight in Heaven!  (I just love that pun) LOL, I asked Anjalee a few questions and she has answered them below!!

Heaven’s Angels…

Heaven Hair Gallery Staff Photos

Justin, Abby, Bonnie & Anjalee

1.  Education and experience

I started Hair school when I was only 15! yes, crazy huh? I was still in high school & as cliche, as it sounds I always knew I wanted to do hair. My dad made me a pink playhouse when I was only 6. I asked him to build me a house that had real Windows, shutters, & shingles. It had to be a completely ‘real’ house so I could turn it into my salon. My only complaint was it didn’t have electricity! (But I ended up getting an extension cord) and yes, my family still has that house. It was probably 8 ft x 12ft. Decent size! And light pink of course.

Heaven Hair gallery's Owner washing a customers hair.

2.  Your Why.

 Why do you do what you do?  Where does your passion stem from. I absolutely love nothing more than seeing people smile just by something as simple as a haircut. It’s the most amazing & gratifying feeling. It’s amazing the relationships you develop with people. I’ve had clients pass on, watch them slowly lose their hair due to cancer. And sometimes even did that powerful head shave for them. I even had to shave part of my best friends hair for her brain surgery the night before.I was so glad it was ME who got to be there with her for that. Not her vet, dentist, but me. It changes you. Hair is such a powerful thing to women. It’s everything to most of us. It can depict our mood, day or life. And I am in control and hold the cards to what it looks like. That is pretty cool. a lot of people I know or friends of mine have had tragedies,  loved ones pass, and I’ve offered to style their hair for that awful day. And I’ve also been there for the best days of their life. Kids first haircuts, their daughters wedding day.  It’s an awesome feeling to be such a huge, important part of someone’s life. Shampooing someone’s hair is such a magical thing. You feel transformed after. Clean. Anew. It’s such a powerful, yet underrated profession.

3.  Your vision for Heaven.

I have such huge dreams & goals. I’ve always been a visionary. I once heard 2 sound pieces of advice; 1, Don’t take advice from someone you would never trade places with. 2, Have big dreams & goals otherwise you will end up working really hard for someone else’s. Now granted,  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my staff. But I know they feel appreciated. I am not afraid to ask. My vision for Heaven is to have 12 -14 stylists. (I have 10 chairs) working & loving their job. And to be able to provide health benefits. Yes. You read correctly. Audacious? Expensive? Unheard of? Yes. Yes.  And more yes.But all the more reason for me to want to achieve it. I want to create the most perfect stress and drama free environment. I know it seems like a dream come true, or maybe even far-fetched. But why do you think I named it Heaven?
Heaven Hair gallery's staff photo- with an edgy feel.

4.  Your specialties.

  We specialize in wedding hair. Funky, bright colors, and Balayage., & extensions . Not that we don’t do mens cuts, basic women’s hair care needs, facial/body waxing. But what we specialize in are those 4 areas. We travel to do wedding hair. Or you can come into our salon where we provide mimosas & appetizers for your wedding party!The only thing we don’t do are nails, & perms.

5.  The salon experience.

 When you first walk in you are not only pleasantly greeted by one of our staff, but you will be taken by the scent. We diffuse lavender oil in a couple diffusers all day, everyday. Or you will be taken by the scent of our lemon tree or the fresh flowers that are always  in the waiting area. We do not have an expansive waiting area for 2 reasons. One, You never have to wait (unless you arrive early which is encouraged). Two, our color room is where we escort you to settle in. Upon arriving we hand you a black robe & invite you to sit at our table. Bring your laptop get some work done, we have wifi, read a magazine, or watch our tv! We always have Netflix or Hulu on. Then we offer you a beverage. Wine, lemon/mint water, beer, champagne are always available. Everything in our salon is thought of down to the finest detail. Lemon ices in your water, with your own personal glass bottle. We even have iced coffee, with coffee cubes. Cream/coffee, or plain coffee ice cubes, whichever you prefer. Children are not a common guest of ours. We definitely do not turn them away, however, we do not necessarily encourage them. Basically meaning, it’s more so quieter here than most salons.  We also do not book haircuts or other services while your color is processing. You are not rushed through your service. We are attentive & only schedule one guest at a time. That is the difference here at heaven.Happy Clients of Heaven Hair gallery in Keene. Two beautiful women.
To See some more of Heaven Hair Gallery’s work- you can head on over to the 2018 Senior shootout!  

6.  Additional offerings.

We have someone come from Concord, Kae Mason from Salon K, to do permanent makeup services twice a month. Microblading, permanent eye & lipliner. Which is a HUGE asset. Being the only salon Keene that has someone come from the city come to us is a pretty unique perk. We also are an AVEDA Salon Which is a HUGE deal. That means we use the absolute best product line available. AVEDA is a very prestigious line & they only let their products used & be sold in the fastest growing/best salons. they are an environmentally conscious company, using strictly wind turbine energy to manufacture their products. Abbie is certified in Dreamcatchers hair extensions. Dreamcatchers, the company, provides the most exquisite hair on the market. Holding up longer & maintaining the softness of the hair longer than almost all other on the market. 

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If you would like to Reach out to Heaven Hair Gallery to schedule an appointment, or to book your experience– you won’t be disappointed!

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- Christine & Christopher

Kris was the calm in the storm that I found wedding planning to be. Kris held my hand, encouraged me and also made me laugh when I didn’t feel like laughing. She is organized, professional and is the absolute best at what she does"

"Kris was the calm in the storm. 

- Anna + Kyle

When our wedding was postponed due to COVID a mere 3 days before our date, she called us immediately and showered us with well wishes...and worked with us to make sure we were able to secure her for our new date in August. 

"I can't say enough positive things!"

- Rebecca + Sean

Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer. . . 

"Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer"

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