Senior Shootout 2018

Senior Shootout 2018

What a whirl wind of a weekend!!  Professional Keene Photographers,  K. Lenox and Erin from LittleFoto,  planned a super fun day for the girls who have made the cut to be Senior Model Representatives for us!  What does it mean to be a model for us?  In my eyes-  beautiful people are kind and good-hearted.  And that is exactly the kind of gals we were looking for!  And you know what?  That’s exactly the type of gals that we found!    So now-  Let me introduce you to Heather and Lily!!  ( Oh and Sam too!! Remember Sam?  )

I Love love love working with high school seniors for their portraits.  This is such a HUGE chapter in their lives… and I’m soooo honored to have a little piece of making it memorable.   I’m going to open up a little bit here.   For as bubbly as I am- I struggle deeply with depression and anxiety.  I have a severe “I’m not good enough” complex.  For some reason-  I simply can’t see the good in myself… the way I can so easily see in others.   And because of that… It’s a sincere mission of mine to make sure that every senior gal (or Bride) who works with me, not only feels amazing… but, even more importantly, believes that they are amazing.

Heaven Hair Gallery

A HUGE thanks goes out to the amazing staff over at Heaven Hair Gallery Salon for spending the day with us!!  They provide a fun, fresh experience with an NY chic vibe.    It was so much fun hanging with them, and then toasting to all of our badass ways!  We then headed to downtown Keene for some urban inspired photos!!  (And of course to meet up with Erin and her gals!!)

Keene Professional Photographer- group of seniors and stylists toasting with Sparkling Cider

Let’s Toast to being Awesome!

Group photo of the Stylists from Heaven Hair Gallery and the 2019 Senior Model Reps

Group Photo at Heaven Hair Gallery!

Keene Professional Photographer- Senior Models at Salon after getting hair and Makeup done!

Hair and Make up Done! And the Girls look Amazing!

Keene professional photographer- group photo wearing silly "grad" glasses

Time to get silly and to have some fun!

Keene Professional Photographer- Heaven Hair Gallery House Cat Vino

Meet Vino- House Cat for Heaven Hair gallery

Meet your Keene Photographers

Just two goofy gals who are passionate about photography and friendship.

Keene Professional Photographers- Erin and Kris Lenox

Just my best girlfriend (AKA Sister) Erin and I

Meet the Models!!!

Monadnock Regional High School Senior Portrait. Gal wearing plaid shirt.

It’s Sam!!! Senior with Monadnock’s Class of 2018!

Keene Professional Photographer- Heather's personality really shines through in these senior portraits.

Heather gets goofy… nothing better than that!

Keene Professional Photographer- Keene Senior High school class of 2019. LIly

Meet Lily!!! Simply beautiful.

Keene Professional Photographer- Senior portraits of Heather (Class of 2019) downtown Keene in front of a mural.

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Keene Professional Photographer- Senior portraits of Lily (class of 2019) in downtown Keene NH Keene Professional Photographer- Black and White image of high school senior class of 2019 on main street in Keene NH. Keene Professional Photographer captured a stunning headshot of a Keene Senior with Blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. Keene Professional Photographer- senior portraits of girl wearing black jean jacket in downtown Keene NH Professional Photographer- Senior portraits of girl in front of a brick wall in downtown Keene NH Professional Photographer- Headshot of senior girl taken in downtown Keene NH Keene Photographers- K. Lenox Photography captured a black and white photo of a senior girl against a wall. Keene Photographers- black and white Senior portrait of a girl standing against a brick wall in Keene NH. Keene photographer- Senior portraits of a senior girl with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes. Taken Downtown Keene NH Keene photographers- Senior portraits of a blonde haired blue eyed girl leaning against a wall in downtown Keene nh Keene Photographers take a black and white photo of three senior girls walking and laughing in downtown Keene NH.

Seriously- I’m just so pumped to have the opportunity to spend more time with these girls over the next year or so!  Here’s to making new friends… and making memories!    I seriously can wait for the third annual Color war this summer!!!

Go Class of 2019!

Wanna see a few KCREW sessions from previous years?!?!




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