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Wedding Trends | Bridal Emergency Kit

Brides often prepare a “Bridal emergency kit” in preparation for anything that could go wrong. However, weddings are becoming less and less traditional, especially for brides that are keeping up with the latest wedding trends and incorporating them into their big day. The best thing a newly engaged woman can do to prepare for her wedding day is to think through every detail and be prepared for anything that might come her way. While there are premade kits out there, brides are smart to create their own personal bag, customized to suit her needs and all of the components of her wedding. After all, every wedding is unique.

The Outfit

Two items that you’ll find in Bridal emergency kits are a sewing kit and undergarments. These are essential for a bride’s wardrobe, allowing her to fix snags, tears, loose seams, a torn bustle, lack of coverage or lack of support under her dress.

  • Trend: Colored wedding dresses. From soft blush tones to floral designs and tinted skirts, color is becoming a popular choice for 2018 gowns.
  • Solution: Put together your own sewing kit that has threads matching the colors of your dress, as well as the dresses of your bridesmaids, so everyone in your bridal party is covered.
  • Trend: Unique necklines. What used to be a choice of strapless or sweetheart is a lot more complicated. Detached sleeves, embellished shoulder pieces, turtlenecks and sheer tops are some styles making a statement on wedding runways this season.
  • Solution: Find a skin-toned strapless bra that can easily provide coverage and support without the hassle of thick straps. If skin-tone isn’t what you’re looking for, consider something blue, such as items within the ThirdLove bridal collection. More and more brides are using undergarments to check that item off their list.

Model Bride wearing a champaign colored wedding dress holding a bouquet of purple and white flowers.

Hair, Skin, Nails

Hairstyling, makeup, and a manicure are three things that a bride often preps for her wedding. Even when getting hair, makeup, and nails done beforehand, there can still be minor mishaps, which means it’s best to be prepared.

  • Trend: Flower crowns, fresh flower stems, and floral hair crowns are a favorite way for brides to incorporate the latest floral trend into their wedding look.
  • Solution: Have some floral tape handy for securing steps and branches that might pop loose. This is easy to find in the fake flower department of your local craft store. Stock up with extra heavy-duty bobby pins as well to help keep blooms in place throughout the entire ceremony, photos or reception.


  • Trend: Glowing, dewy skin. Before, a woman often powdered their faces to get rid of any sheen or shine. However, dewy skin is in and a huge trend in the beauty industry.
  • Solution: Swap out the matte finishing powder for a rose water face mist. It will not only give you a fresh glow but also helps combat redness, irritation, and breakouts.


  • Trend: Copper nails. While rose gold has taken weddings by storm in the past couple of years, copper is now in. Many brides are using copper nails to add a metallic touch to their wedding-day look, one that’s especially possible for winter weddings.
  • Solution: Your typical manicure kit will include a file, cuticle trimmer, clippers and a clear coat. If you’re opting for metallic nails, make sure you have a bottle of matching nail polish to offer scuffs, scratches or chips if they occur. If there is a glittery top coat, make sure you have that too.

Young flower girl wearing a flower crown made of purple flowers and greenery.

Bride wearing a simple white embroidered dress and holding a bouquet of blue and white flowers with lots of greenery.

Remembering Others

Another thing that all brides must have in their wedding-day bag is gifts and small thank-yous for parents, the future spouse and other wedding-day helpers. So many hands go into making the perfect day, and it’s proper etiquette to show your appreciation.

  • Trend: Kimonos. This season is all about kimonos. Brides are wearing them, as well as members of the bridal party.
  • Solution: Look at Bridal Pinterest boards that are filled with floral robes as bridesmaids gifts, and it’s something they might even expect as a popular gift. Why not get your bridesmaids’ beautiful kimonos that will match their gowns and can be worn after the wedding.


  • Trend: Geometric designs and terrariums. From angular backdrops to hexagonal centerpieces, geometry is playing a huge role in wedding decor, photos, and accessories. Terrariums have also been a hit for wedding favors and at the center of guest tables. Why not bring these trends into gifts for mothers, fathers, siblings, and in-laws that have played a role in your special day?
  • Solution: Beautiful gifts can be made by placing succulents in gold geometric terrariums and can be accompanied by a meaningful note. Even without the plant, a family can use the gift as a piece of decor to remember your wedding day. If succulents and greenery aren’t your top choice, candles also make a gorgeous option. There are even fake candles with flicker options that mimic a real one.


  • Trend: Engraved gifts. This isn’t a trend that is new, but it is one that is timeless and is perfect for a bride looking to find something meaningful that’s full of thought.
  • Solution: A bride can elevate the meaning of a simple gift by adding a name engraving or personalized message. This makes for a particularly appropriate gift for a husband-to-be. One item to consider is a personalized whiskey decanter and glasses. This is something the groom could use to celebrate with his groomsmen before going to wait at the end of the aisle.

Engraved utility knife with wood base, bottle opener, wine cork screw and other tools.

Learn more!!

If you’re a bride-to-be, look through these ideas and think about what best suits your wedding. Keep in touch with our blog for other trends and inspiration – you never know what will help make every detail perfect for your big day.

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