Caroline And Brandon | Great Island Common Engagement Session

I looove being able to play my little role in people’s love stories. Caroline and Brandon’s love story dates back to when they were both freshmen at college. From then to now – these two have been through ups and downs that have made them stronger and better for each other, and I can totally vouch for that. Recently, I was at Great Island Common to photograph the engagement session of this much-in-love couple. They were laughing, kissing, dancing, flirting, and doing all the adorable things together. Their chemistry was on fire, and from my point of view, their bond just seemed effortless. They were so comfortable with each other and just there to have a good time, which I really hope they did – because I certainly did! 

Meet Caroline And Brandon

When I asked the lovebirds to tell me all about their story, they shared, “We met at Plymouth State during our orientation weekend. We were both in Smith Hall in the rec room. We started playing ping pong together, and later on he asked me for my number. However, I accidentally gave him the wrong number. Fast forward to the first day of school, he was sitting in the front row in my first class. It kind of just started from there!” Well, even with that little twist in the story, fate brought them together anyway.

Talking about their first date, Caroline said, “Ohhh I honestly cannot remember. I think it was in the freshman year of college. Looking back on it, we were still so young! I don’t think we went on many dates until the next summer when we had to visit each other. I lived in MA and he lived in NH.”

If you think the story so far sounds like a classic romcom, keep reading. “Honestly I always knew how much we loved each other. We have been together for almost a decade now and there have been a lot of highs and lows. I think after college was the point where we knew that we wanted to commit to each other 100%. The first four years tested our relationship, but now it has made us 10x stronger. I am so excited to marry Brandon. We both have been through so much together, and our love honestly just continues to grow. At the end of the day he is my best person. The person that I just love being around even if we are not doing anything,” said my blushing bride-to-be. 

The proposal, which included a picnic, ice cream, and an intimate family dinner, was as sweet as their love story. No wonder it was “the best day” of Caroline’s life. Sometimes, all it takes to make the proposal special is eating ice cream together at your favorite spot! Brandon, 100 points to you for the planning!

The couple, who loves drinking coffee together, taking their dog for walks, and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen, is eagerly looking forward to the day they say “I do.” When I asked Caroline about what she’s looking forward to the most about the wedding day, she replied, “The last five seconds before walking down the aisle to him. Then, the first time I look him in the eyes before walking down the aisle. It honestly gives me goosebumps even thinking about it.” Honestly, it gives me goosebumps every time I witness those moments too. 

Caroline And Brandon’s Engagement Session At Great Island Common

One thing I instantly noticed about Caroline and Brandon during their coastal engagement session is they absolutely love to laugh together. And that’s one of the many things I LOVE about my couples. I am able to get the best photos of them when they are just goofing around and being themselves. As someone who likes to get to know her couples, I could see that these two were very playful and flirty, so I knew their engagement session photos had to reflect that. At one point, Caroline even said to me, “We love making out.” 

Caroline and Brandon were a breeze to work with. They were really enjoying each other’s company, so I hardly had to ask them to pose. There was dancing, there was laughter, and there were some quiet moments in between – and all of them were simply beautiful. It’s always such a joy to watch couples just focusing on each other and being in the moment instead of worrying about how they look in the photos, which is also when they end up looking the best! Also, they were twinning, and I love a couple who puts in that kind of effort for their outfits.

Cherishing Every Moment

I usually ask my brides-to-be whether they have any advice for couples who are planning their wedding, so when I asked Caroline the question, she said, “Be prepared. Be present. I think the first 6 months I was overwhelmed with all the decisions I needed to make. But I would suggest that you include your partner (which I did not do LOL). And most importantly, enjoy being a fiance!”

Overall, it was such a wonderful experience working with these two. They really wanted their engagement session and photos to be a reflection of the strong bond they share, and I think it’s not just that, but even their amazing chemistry that translated so well into the photos. Caroline and Brandon, if you are reading this, I hope these photos instantly take you back to your engagement session day and always serve as a reminder of the good times.

Engagement Sessions With K. Lenox Photography

Caroline and Brandon, thank you for trusting me and having me as your engagement photographer. I loved the energy you both brought with you, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I wish you both all the best with the wedding planning and look forward to photographing your future milestones!

If you liked these engagement photos and would like to book me as your engagement photographer, you can get in touch with me by dropping an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. To see more engagement photos that I’ve taken at Great Island Common, you can check out Brittany and Greg’s engagement session. Alyson’s Orchard is another favorite engagement session venue of mine. To see the photos I took there, you can check out Jacqueline and Nate’s engagement session photos or see what I did for Hannah and Justin. If you want to see more of my work, you can head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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